Our plant

The production of Scheidt & Bachmann equipment in Slovakia started in 2005 (ten years after the establishment of the Slovak branch). At that time a new plant was built in the company's headquarters on Priemyselna Street in Žilina, where we started to produce components for parking systems. Thanks to our skills and quality, the range of products was increasing and therefore in 2012 we started to expand the industrial area with additional buildings. Even these buildings were soon not enough, so we decided to build a new production plant in a nearby district town.

At the beginning of 2020, we moved the entire production from Žilina to an ecological plant in Bytča. It is located on a 35,000 m2 estate, its production area is 9,000 m2 and another 2,500 m2 consists of office space and social facilities. It is envied far and wide because it is one of the most beautiful plant in Slovakia and it is equipped with the most modern technologies.

We are ECO

The whole building is lit by LED bulbs, which significantly save consumption of electricity. Outdoor lighting is also energy saving and intelligent. If the sensors do not detect movement after dark, the lighting is able to reduce energy consumption up to 80 %.

Ventilation of the premises is provided by the most modern recuperation technology with active ventilation. The heat generated in the plant heats the air coming from outside which is additionally filtered from dirt, dust or pollen.

Rainwater does not drain into the sewer, but after passing through the layer of gravel, it slowly seeps into the soil, irrigates it and the excess water flows into the groundwater.

The parking area is equipped with oil traps which collect oil in special containers. They are cleaned there and then they flow to the sewer. We also have four electric car charging stations available for ecological motorists at our parking area.

The cleaning of the plant is also ecological – only eco-cleaning detergents are used. Moreover, chemical cleaners and degreasers used in the final cleaning of products have been dramatically reduced thanks to ultrasonic cleaning.

We sort all the waste – both in production and administration premises. There are containers for collecting paper, LDPE foil, polystyrene, pure foam, mixed plastics, packaging made of wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, discarded electrical equipment, batteries, dangerous and mixed waste inside the plant. 

The recycling of packaging materials is also used in our production, although it has a new competition – antistatic boxes. They are used to transport goods between Bytča and Mönchengladbach. Their benefit is that we do not have to pack products, we just put them into boxes. After their usage, they are "washed" in a special washing machine which cleans them only with hot water to remove dirt.

Facilities for employees

Our production plant is located only 10 minutes on foot from the bus station in Bytča. Or you can come to work by car and park conveniently in the large employee parking lot. There are also special spaces reserved for disabled colleagues who also work for us. If you are an avid cyclist (like many of our colleagues), you can park your two-wheeled vehicles in a special covered bike rack.

In the plant we have spacious and well-lit changing rooms, where everyone has their own locker. We change there into anti-static work clothes and shoes (we regularly receive them from the employer) which are necessary for entering the production to protect our products. The changing rooms also include modern showers and toilets.

Lunch breaks are spent in the cosy canteen, where everyone can find a place to enjoy their lunch. It is equipped with a kitchenette with fridges and microwaves where we can heat up our own food or order lunch from restaurants in Bytča – thanks to the Scheidt & Bachmann employee card at a discounted price.

For smokers, we have reserved special areas around the plant. For sportsmen, we have set up our own football pitch behind the plant. And those who want to enjoy the sunshine during the break can use the comfortable wooden benches.

We regularly collect suggestions from our employees on how to continuously improve and enhance the working environment, because we want them to feel comfortable in our production plant.

We have one of the most beautiful productions in Slovakia!
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