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    When in the 1960s, traffic jams appeared in the city centres, parking became a hot topic. At our parent company we started to implement an ambitious plan: car parks would be run by automated control systems, and running paid car parks would be simple and reliable.

    Our pioneering action became the standard over time and manual control of car parks became a rarity. As the years went by, our Parking Solutions developed further and entered new dimensions.

    Today we connect intelligent systems into one world which we call entervo. It can do more than just control the entry and exit of vehicles. It gives drivers and exceptional feeling from parking and it gives car park operators a feeling of security and full control.

    About Us

    We take the slogan “beyond barriers” literally. Parking does not begin and end with the raising of barriers. The technologies are much stronger than just that. We use their strength to the fullest.

    That’s why we have created the entervo parking world, which has made us global market leaders. Our success compels us to remain so for a long time.

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    How We Started the Parking Revolution

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