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    We have never met a student who did not know Scheidt & Bachmann at least by sight. Our logo appears in first place among the partners of University of Žilina. We have always had a special relationship with the university.

    When our parent company opted for Slovakia, we started at the university. We have a good name among the teachers and we have lively discussions of theory in practice and vice-versa.

    We keep up with students all year round. How did we manage it? Find out more.

    Persuade or leave it

    As a student we see you as someone who tells us what today's generation expect from work. Students who work with us are personalities and show that it makes sense to employ them.

    If you want to earn money while still at school, get experience, you have an opinion, you can listen to others, and IT is your passion, we want you in our team.

    Student jobs

    Trainee programme in production

    We are looking for skilled students to join our production team in Bytča:

    • For students of 4th and 5th year at the university in electrical engineering
    • Planning orders for individual workplaces
    • Cooperation in the operational management of production
    • Contributing to the continuous improvement of production processes
    • Communicating with colleagues from the parent company in Germany
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    • Salary from 860 €


    Quality planner

    We are looking for smart student for our production in Bytča

    • A student of electrical engineering or mechanical engineering.
    • Technical thinking, ability to read electrical / mechanical drawings and technical documentation.
    • Knowledge of FMEA, 5S, KAIZEN, 5WHY, ISHIKAWA methods is an advantage.
    • Flexibility, dynamism, reliability, consistency.
    • Analytical thinking and attention to detail.
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    • Salary from from 860 €  to 1100 € (depending on the year of study).


    We reward the best

    We can recognize when something is done well and with hard work. That is why every year we give the Scheidt & Bachmann AWARD. It is for those who have done the best graduating project in computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering. Where other than at University of Žilina?

    If your graduating project is the best, we will give you the award and a generous starting bonus at your graduation ceremony.

    We will kick-start you

    When you come to us, you will notice something exceptional. Alongside Slovak you will hear English and German spoken in the office. It will definitely kick-start your foreign experience and language and you will use it to write your graduating project. Working in an international company and handling everyday communication will become a day-to-day normality.

    If you have never thought before about buying a flat or healthy nutrition, our colleagues will give you the benefit of their life experiences and mistakes. We are a group that discusses everything, absolutely everything.

    What students say about us

    "Scheidt & Bachmann has a good name at University of Žilina. When the opportunity arose, I submitted an application to work here during my studies and it was accepted. I test software at the company and I see how IT works in practice. I work in a super team and I enjoy it a lot. I’m glad that the firm is flexible enough to enable me to work and study."

    Miloslav Slodičák – tester
    (former student at the Faculty of management science and informatics at University of Žilina)

    „Creative teamwork and communication with people has always brought me great pleasure. I'm the type of person who does not like to stagnate and I try to use the most of my time. I want to do a job that fulfils and enriches me. And that's why I am very pleased to be able to develop my knowledge and experience at Scheidt & Bachmann.“

    Jana Hikaníková – software developer
    (former student at the Faculty of management science and informatics at University of Žilina)

    Join us

    Do you want to be part of the team at Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia? Tell us about yourself and contact our HR department.

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