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    High school students gain experience of professionals

    Educating young people is of great importance to us. We have been cooperating with high schools for several years now. We try to teach pupils in practice. Let them discover and develop their talents and abilities, and to find out how work will support them and interest them. We show them as much as possible so they can make the right decisions and become enthusiastic experts in their field. 

    Who we work with

    We currently work with the Mechanical Engineering High School in Kysucké Nové Mesto with students studying in fields of mechatronics and electrical engineering. The students do their professional work practice with us and some of them also do their school-leaving exam here. They get a unique opportunity to find out how what they learnt at school works in practice.

    What graduates get

    Successful students gain a certificate of completion of professional work practice as part of the programme “fit4future”. The guarantor is the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with German companies operating in Slovakia.

    The programme has clear rules and motivates pupils to work on themselves. A student who has completed professional work practice and successfully fulfils the conditions of the certificate later has more chance to get a good job.

    From high school to Scheidt & Bachmann

    Students interested in a career with our company find out during professional work practice what we expect from them and what it is like to work for an international business with a family tradition. Some of them take the chance to become our colleagues. We are pleased when our ranks swell with qualified graduates who are interested in their work and like it.

    What students say about us

    „At Scheidt & Bachmann, I'm trying out how the things I’ve learnt at high-school work in practice. I see what someone working in my field does and really needs. I like the fact that I can also do my school-leaving exam here.“

    Martin Svancár

    „It's great that when I graduate, I get a German certificate. It will look good in my CV and I will find work quicker.“

    Lukáš Gajdoš

    „At Scheidt & Bachmann I have had access to modern technologies. I had already come across many of them, but some are completely new. The best thing about this is that I know how to work with them in reality.“

    Martin Dulaj