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    15+ reasons why you should work for us

    The company of Scheidt & Bachmann is older than Coca-Cola. It was established in 1872 already. If we hadn’t had our enthusiastic employees, we wouldn’t have overcome the Second World War nor even the recent economic crisis. Moreover, the crisis started up our Slovak branch of Scheidt & Bachmann and we tripled the number of our employees to this day.


    1. We don’t save on our employees

    Their work is always adequately valued. Apart from the traditional contributions such as financial bonuses, meal allowances, rewards for their years worked in our company, child birth, marriage or life jubilee bonuses, we also offer various types of education.

    We organise internal trainings, technical courses and we take part at diverse conferences. During your working time, employees can even attend language courses. Moreover, they can choose if they are interested only in the conversation lessons or the lessons focused on grammar.


    2. Nice and healthy work place with modern technologies

    We work in spacious and bright offices with state-of-art technologies. We use ergonomic work tools and we also have a company library.

    3. Free snacks for the whole day

    During the whole day, we take care of free coffee and tea drinks. We are sure that every coffee and tea lover will enjoy it and – do not worry – we do not forget about the healthy drinks enthusiasts either. In addition, you can also find vending machines with various delicacies in our company area.


    4. Working hours for early birds, but also for night owls

    Software and administrative employees have a flexible working time. That means, they can come to work at 9 a.m. at the very latest and they can leave at 3 p.m. soonest.

    Production employees work in 2 shifts. The morning shift is from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the afternoon shift is from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.


    5. Our specialty

    We work an average of 10 minutes longer every day. Why? We make up for the so-called Bridge days (Vorholtage) – extra days of holiday. If the public holiday takes date on Tuesday/Thursday the whole company is off on Monday/Friday without taking holiday (for example, if the holiday is on 1 May on Tuesday, we are off on Monday of 30th April).

    6. Extra holidays

    If you finished university with a master’s or engineering degree and you work as a specialist, then you get up to 25 days of holiday. For every 2 years you work for us, we add one more day to your holiday. If you add Vorholtage/Bridge days – additional days off, you have to admit that we have holidays more than enough.


    7. We are worldwide and we travel all over the world

    Because we are part of a worldwide company, it is very common that our employees take foreign business trips. Regardless of whether they develop software or work in the production hall.

    We use foreign languages every day. We communicate with our colleagues from Germany, England, USA and Africa. We are one team that works on different projects and we make travelling around the world a pleasant experience.


    8. Besides the work, we offer a lot of fun

    We organise team buildings for our employees on a regular basis. In May, we have a big company goulash party and in December, we enjoy amazing Christmas cabbage soup accompanied by a rich program during our Christmas Party. In January, we organise a company ball for which our employees pull their suits and robes out of their closets and they dance till the early morning.


    9. We make you fit

    During the whole year, we are keeping employees fit. We order the fitness centres, football pitches, badminton hall and also the swimming pool. Together we compete — in races, tournaments or even matches (National Run Devín — Bratislava, IT FOOS Open, Žilina Half-marathon, Challenge Cup,...). You can work out on the bar or play ping pong at our software departments.

    10. Even your smallest ones are important to us

    We also care that the most important family members of our employees are part of the Scheidt & Bachmann family. Therefore, we celebrate Children’s Day and Saint Nicolas together with our kids. We create a rich accompanying program; give out sweet rewards and presents which always makes every child happy. Of course, we take care of refreshments for small and big ones.


    11. We support volunteering

    The employees of Scheidt & Bachmann prove every day that they are exceptional people. They are members of various non-profit organisations and they always help wherever it is needed. Every year, they take part in the “Our City” project. They paint fences, revitalise parks in Žilina or repair the Lietava Castle.


    12. Employee loans for housing

    Living in own house or flat is a long-distance run for a lot of money. If our employees need a financial support, they can ask for the employee loan.

    13. Employee card full of discounts

    By using the Scheidt & Bachmann card, our employees can apply a lot of different discounts. For example, they have discounts in the Žilina Theatre, on massages or in a tyre service.


    14. You may find your soulmate here

    We are a family company – you will find married couples, whole family generations and maybe your soulmate here. Half of the 670 employees in Slovakia take part of the production, 40 % work at the software departments and the rest of 10 % is at the administrative department. Thanks to this variety, we have always very cheerful atmosphere here as well as it is in every good family.

    15. Students gain experience with us

    From the very beginning, we have been closely cooperating with the University of Žilina, and that is why we open different types of student job positions. We can adapt to the study schedule, so the students can gain their practical skills and knowledge here, but not at the expense of their studies. After graduation, most of the students become our colleagues.

    We also work with the pupils at the technical high schools. Pupils take their work practise in our company during the school year and some of them even pass the practical graduation, too.


    BONUS at the end: All in one

    What makes us different from the other IT companies is the fact that we don’t just develop the software here. We test the developed software and produce hardware for it. That is why the developers can see and test the final form of the product which they created. In addition, we also offer servicing. Under our control, there are the Fare Collection Systems in UK, USA, Canada and elsewhere around the world.

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