• We have the power

    to do great things

    Why Scheidt & Bachmann

    At Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia, we believe that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers. Employees are the heart of our company and they drive us forward. We reward them by helping them to feel good at work, develop their ideas and grow professionally with us.

    Together we feel like a family

    Our company carries the message of the founding Bachmann family. It is headed by the fifth generation of founders. In Slovakia we respect family traditions and we are a family company, quite literally.

    When you walk along the corridors and halls, you will meet the whole families. You will see fathers assembling parking devices and their sons programming software into them. You can also feel the warmth of family in our teams. We have fun together while we work.

    The financial crisis in 2008 made us stronger

    Our strength was shown during the financial crisis in 2008. Even then, our colleagues did not have to worry about their job security. On the contrary, we grew even more. Our portfolio of products and services is so good and world-class that it will keep our employees in work even in difficult times.

    Our philosophy is stability, reliability and expertise. We guarantee our customers that our solutions are long lasting and of high quality. We can guarantee this only when we have a good and lasting relationship with our employees.

    How the number of employees in Slovakia is growing

    Even Coca Cola is younger

    Our history is long and inspiring. We are not a start-up with a wacky name, but a company built on a strong name and innovative perspective. We have been successful for over 150 years because of the broad outlook of our staff and great know-how. We are the leaders in many markets, which for us means the commitment to be better for even longer.

    People are what they want to be with us

    People who work to excel and seek improvement are an asset for us. Thanks to them we have excelled our competitors. That's why we support our employees – with training sessions, language courses or teamwork – to learn and be successful with us. At work and in their personal lives.

    Our location is nice

    If you have not seen it yet, you should definitely take a look. Our industrial site is one of the most beautiful in the whole region. The elegant German architecture stands out among soulless industrial buildings.

    When you step in, you can only confirm your feeling. Lots of light and space. We make sure that our employees feel comfortable and enjoy their workplace.

    What you get with us

    You get much more apart from a job in a stable company with a good name.

    Everything you get with us