Exceptional family in a family business

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    The family comes first in our company. It is leaded by the 5th generation of the founder Carl Bachmann. The company philosophy is based on family values and the wide range of benefits is arranged so that we can spend enough time with our families. In addition, whole families work in our company. Although there are many of them, we will introduce you to at least one exceptional – the Hríns family.

    The Hríns family has been part of the Scheidt & Bachmann family for 13 years. Mother Helena, called Hela, was the first who started to work for the Slovak branch of production. She is known for her positive energy and good mood, which she spreads around herself. "I started in production at the cable department, then I moved to Geber-Leser, FCS and now I work at QS HW."

    The mother was followed by older son Michal, who is familiar with the work at both production and software development. "At first, I worked part-time in a production warehouse a few times during the summer holidays. When I started to study IT at the university, I also started working at the Parking Solution department. After graduation, I stayed in the division and started to work on full time.

    The father Miroslav joined our company as the last one, although he admitted that he was initially concerned: “My opinion was that it was not good for all members when family works in the same company. But in the end, I changed my mind," laughs Miro. "Today I work as an electrical designer at the HW Development department in the FCS division. I joined the company 5 years ago. At that time, I left the company which was in liquidation due to the economic crisis. My whole career has been based on the fact that I want to work in a stable and serious company. It was a coincidence and I´ve never thought about ending at S&B."

    The Hríns family has another member who is not part of Scheidt & Bachmann – yet. "The younger son is a student of IT at the university in Finland. So another IT developer in the family. We will see where he ends after his studies. Maybe, he will complement our family in company. Never say never," says mother Hela.


    Cabin fever

    Working together in a company and then spend time at home – you can say, that's too much. The Hríns family sees it differently. "Cabin fever is not a threat in our family. We don't meet at work at all, because our branches are located in other parts of the city and production hall has been relocated to Bytča in January 2020.” In addition, Michal got married in September 2020 and moved away from his parents, so he meets with his parents less.

    When the family meets at home, they admit that they don´t avoid talking about work. "Sometimes it's necessary to confide in each other about work problems," says Miro and Hela adds: „I solve the work at home especially when I'm dissatisfied with something." The couple also agrees that it's extremely important to know how to set boundaries: "We try to separate private life from work. So far, we are doing well," says Miro.


    Family party versus corporate party

    The Hríns family meet at "work" only during the corporate events. Miro claims that they mainly strengthen their working relationships at the parties. His wife goes to all events: "I always have a fun. My husband doesn't go to the parties often... He said why bringing sand to the beach," laughs Hela. "We like dancing together and when whole family participates at the Christmas party, we have a better chance of winning the raffle," Michal reveals the great advantage when family works in our company.


    To work or not to work? That's the question!

    According to the Hríns family, Scheidt & Bachmann is a stable and strong company. They appreciate that although everyone works on full time, they also have enough time for their hobbies. "Our common hobbies are hiking in the beautiful Slovak mountains and recreational sports." Miro and Michal compensate their sedentary profession that way: "It is an excellent way of recharging energy."

    They also praise the advantages they can use as Scheidt & Bachmann employees. "The non-work activities and various benefits are the strength of this company," says Miro and son Michal adds: "The company provides various forms of vacation or compensatory leave, which I use, and also organizes several corporate events at which I like to participate."

    However, Mama Hela also sees space for improvement: "At production, it does not always work like in the family." Son Michal agrees that some things still need to be improved, but also highlights 2 essential things: "Every day I appreciate that I work in a pleasant working environment with a great team in the Slovak Parking Solution division.”


    Message to applicants

    If you still hesitate to become a part of our company, the Hríns family is clear on that. "The diversity of job positions will ensure that almost anyone who wants to work on themselves and learn, can work in our company," says Miro. Hela is a pragmatist in this regard: "Let everyone try and then make a decision."

    From right side: Miroslav Hrín (father, Product Development Electric – FCS), Michal Hrín (older son, SW Developer – Parking Solutions), Helena Hrínová (mother, QS HW), Adam Hrín (younger son, IT student)
    Michal Hrín taking over one price in the raffle at the Christmas party in 2019
    Michal actively participates in various corporate events. He also helped recruit future employees at the Faculty of Management and Informatics of the University of Žilina, which he graduated