We keep up with students all year round

    - Human-Resources

    Our door is open for both university and high school students. In addition to paid students internships thanks to which they gain their practical experience, we visit and support various students events. Read here about everything we managed to do with the students last year.

    Our colleagues at the Panel Story event.

    Panel story

    Right at the beginning of the year 2018, we got delighted with an invitation from the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics of the University of Žilina to an interesting student’s event called “Panel Story”. Engineering students from every branch of the faculty studies had to – within the subject of Project schooling – create a project which they presented to professors and people from practice afterwards. There were the representatives of our company and some former faculty graduates among them. Evaluators could choose a few projects that were interesting for them, then they could have a chat with their authors and evaluated them by marks at the end. In this way, our software managers could get to know potential candidates, their knowledge and presentation ability. Thumbs up!


    Futurikon is an educational event dedicated to the high school pupils and its goal is to present the technical specializations of the university’s study as well as the potential employers in Žilina. The event is held twice a year at the University of Žilina. Each faculty and employers show their scope of activity using humour, they answer the students’ and the teachers’ questions. The companies together with the university want to make science and technology popular among pupils. They show them that these fields might be hard but interesting (as well for the work market). Even our company had its own stand at the Futurikon event. Our colleagues presented our products, opportunities of the technical practice and students’ internships to the students.

    Graduation in the Scheidt & Bachmann style

    In May, the practical part of the leaving exam of the students from technical high schools took a part in our production hall – while the traffic systems are assembled here. Read here how the practical leaving exam works in Scheidt & Bachmann. 

    Students‘ excursion to our maternity headquarters in Germany

    Last year we organized the jubilee 10th year of students’ favourite excursion thanks to which the students could get to know our company. The Slovak one and the parent one in Germany. Look into its backstage. 

    S&B Award

    We regularly motivate and reward hard-working students of the University of Žilina. We create paid students internships for them. As a result, they connect their theoretical knowledge from the university with the practice in our projects.

    Our long-term tradition is giving the S&B Award together with a generous financial bonus. We reward fresh engineers with the best diploma thesis at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. We awarded 3 students with the prize worth of 2 000 € for their diploma thesis themed:

    • „Informative system of a large-scale car park”
    • „Intelligent system designed for monitoring a new-born behaviour”
    • „Design of an open coil for inductive preheating of wire in the production line”


    The Faculty of Management Science and Informatics of the University of Žilina is the Alma Mater for majority of our developers and IT employees. And that is why we closely cooperate with this faculty, and we can’t miss any of the events it organizes. So, we were at the opening of the new academic year party called “FRIčkovica”

    FRIčkovica took place in the faculty campus on October 26, 2018, going along with stands of food, beer and coke. The companies cooperating with the faculty took care of the program. Our company preferred sports over IT innovations. We realize that after a day spent sitting at a computer or a school desk it feels good when folks can get to stretch their muscles and clear their heads. We united forces with the floorball club FBC Grasshoppers AC UNIZA Žilina. Some of our employees are members of the floorball club (even graduates of the university) and we came up with a competition for the best floorball scorer of “FRIčkovica“.

    The competition was a great success among the students. Even most of the pedagogical staff of the faculty got involved. We can reveal that the dean of the faculty doc. Ing. Emil Kršák, PhD. had the highest score. Among students, the most successful contestant was student Katka who took home a brand new external hard disk for her goal scoring performance.

    We thank all students for an amazing atmosphere and a positive feedback. We had a lot of fun too and we are already thinking how to surprise the students at the next “FRIčkovica“ event.

    Beania of the students in Žilina

    Our colleagues came among the university students on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at the “The Student`s Beania in Žilina” event. The biggest students’ party in Žilina was held also thanks to our support. We want the students to know not only our company logo from posters but also everything what we do and what kind of amazing people work for us. That´s why we sent our colleagues to the party and made up a contest with the favourite students’ prize - a keg of beer.

    The department of human resources accompanied by male forces from the IT departments scattered among the students. We got to know each other, talked and danced together during a concert of the Slovak pop music group Polemic. At midnight, our colleague Marián Koprda ran up the main stage and announced the winner of our contest. Then, we enjoyed a concert of famous Slovak hip-hop group called Kontrafakt together. Although it was the final part of the party for our colleagues, because they had work duties in the morning, the students had a good time till the morning.

    We hope that when you tell students the “Scheidt & Bachmann” name now, they will know our company and maybe even work here in a few years.

    Days of Opportunities

    We presented vacancies for students and graduates at the event – Days of Opportunities. It’s an event taking place at the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics of the University of Žilina and at the Faculty of Electical Engineering and Information Technology of STU in Bratislava. The graduates of these faculties can get employed in several of our software departments. 

    That is why our company is represented not only by our female colleagues from human resources department but also by the students who are working for us. They can tell the potential candidates about their scope of work and experience how to harmonise the studies with working responsibilities. Heads of the individual software divisions also participate at the Days of Opportunities, so the candidates can get more information about our software departments, their projects and maybe get to know their future superiors. 

    Thanks to these kinds of events, we have found multiple IT specialists who are members of our software departments today.

    Balls of the IT faculties

    The end of the year traditionally belongs to ball season. At first, we were invited by the students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology who prepared “The Oscar night of electronic technicians“on November 8, 2018. We provided them with a financial support, so the ball could run smoothly.

    On Wednesday, November 22, 2018, the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics organized the 9th year of the FRI representative ball. Our colleague Ing. Marián Koprda represented our company along with the main raffle prize – a Go Pro camera.

    Students and pedagogues enjoyed both balls and a good entertainment lasted till the early morning. We as a company want to thank the students and universities for the successful cooperation in the year 2018 and we are looking forward to the students events within the year 2019.