We are building a new IT centre

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Corporate

    Since our production moved from our headquarters on Priemyselná Street in Žilina to Bytča, our production facilities have been empty. However, this will change very soon.

    In March 2022, we started the renovation of the production premises, which should be completed by the end of this year. The goal of the redevelopment is to create a modern offices, testing and social premises in an interesting industrial style.

    All software divisions in one place

    The software divisions of Parking Solutions and Fare Collection Systems, which are currently based in rented premises in different parts of the city, will move to this centre. The Fuel Retail Solutions division will also move its testers here. From 2023, all our software divisions will be based at our headquaters on Priemyselná Street.

    What you will find in the centre

    The offices with large windows will be located around the perimeter of the centre. Because of that the employees will have plenty of natural daylight for work. Opposite the offices, there will be modern meeting rooms (also equipped with retractable walls to increase capacity), kitchenettes, sanitary facilities and kiosks for uninterrupted staff calls.

    A spacious Meet & Relax atrium with an auditorium will dominate in the centre of the development centre. It will be for organizing social events, trainings, workshops or company benefits (health days, massages...). Around the atrium there will be a large test centre with an area of up to 1,000 m2 and a showroom where colleagues from the Fare Collection Systems division will perform acceptance tests of their systems and applications in front of customers.

    The centre will also include an elevated spacious platform. It will be designed for sportswomen and sportsmen who will find space for individual or group exercise. In addition, it will also be equipped with a climbing wall, ping-pong and pool tables and a calcet. Our employees will thus be able to compensate for their sedentary jobs with an active form of relaxation.

    Involved employees

    We also involved our employees in the design of the development centre project. They were able to add their suggestions to improve their new workplace. For example, a bouldering wall or our own canteen which had been missing at our headquarters until now, were incorporated into the project. New parking spaces will also be added around the entire building. Cycling enthusiasts (there are many in our company), will also be delighted by the covered bike racks and the charging station for electric bikes and scooters.

    Plan B for future growth

    Nearly 300 IT colleagues will work in our new centre. However, our management expects their numbers will grow steadily over the coming years and they have a solution in reserve: "There is still plenty of space left in the north-eastern part of the building to create additional workspaces," says Ing. Marína Schiffer, Managing Director.