• Colleagues are great, always helpful and I never get bored with them.

    Šimon Hajtó (Software developer)

  • Every project is a challenge that forces me to constantly think and improve myself.

    Tibor Šroba (Software developer)

  • I am proud of my team. Everyone brings something different to it and I consider this fact as a benefit.

    František Talapka (Head of division)

Our team: Signalling Systems

We are the smallest team of developers and the oldest division of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko. Our first employees were Ing. Róbert Kulla and Ing. Ján Krúpa, current Managing Directors. Gradually, they were joined by other graduates of the University of Žilina, who wrote their diploma theses at the company in Mönchengladbach. Among them, there were Ing. Štefan Maga and Ing. František Talapka. Both have been working here to this day. František is head of division and Štefan is one of our team leaders. Together they started the development of the first Windows application for railway crossing diagnostics in the new C++ programming language. Thanks to it they became the pioneers in our company (everything had been coded in C programming until then).

Today, our team consist of 16 employees, including 4 women. Almost all of us are graduates of the University of Žilina. The natural turnover of employees also happened at the division, but only minimally. What is our recipe for high loyalty to the company? We are the best department on the floor! You can find among us bachelors and parents with children, too (small or adults), active athletes and entertainers, introverts and clever housewives. Thanks to this mix, we always work in pleasant atmosphere.

How we work together

"Just like that," laughs František, head of the division. We are divided into 4 teams (Software Design & Verification, Command & Control Systems, FAM, Communication / Diagnosis). We cooperate on projects or each team solve their own project. At work they use an internal ticketing system called Redmine. Project tasks are divided by head of the division, team leaders and colleagues from Germany or ourselves. The developer programs their part of software, tests it, writes the necessary technical documentation and then he or she sends software to a tester for a comprehensive test.

What we care about

Definitely, we like our team breakfast (if the world has not been hit by a pandemic)! Every month, two of us prepare a breakfast for the others. While tasting the various titbits, we discuss about the life inside and outside the division and solve our pleasure, but also even the smallest problems, because none can be left unexplained.

The team compensate the maximum concentration with various jokes during the software development. Laughter heals, so we regularly make sure that we are all healthy.

What newcomers say

"All beginnings are difficult, but our colleagues and head of the division helped us a lot. They did not put pressure on us, they gave us the necessary time to get to know each other and join the team, which is great! There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, too."

Šimon Hajtó

Every day I am surprised by something new, another idea of what is connected with something or why it works that way. Every project is a challenge that forces me to constantly think and improve myself. And the fact that the projects are applied to the railways is the icing on the cake – it is an interesting industry that is very useful for the society.

Tibor Šroba
(Software developer)

“After I had become part of the Signalling Systems team, I started to notice the railways technologies more. Now, I often find myself explaining in detail what, how and why it works on the railway to my friends."

Matúš Halička
(Software developer)

Our technologies

Meet colleagues

“I have the great colleagues! Although they sometimes pretend they don't want to or don't know, in the end they always come and give me some advice. They also know how to perfectly improve a mood and I often learn a lot of useful information from them.”

Eva Huťková
(Software developer)

“Each of us contributes to the projects by its piece of work and I'm proud that our cooperation works as it should. I am grateful for everything what we have achieved so far. I thank to my colleagues in Slovakia and Germany for perfect cooperation and the company for the provided conditions."

Štefan Maga
(Team leader)

"I am proud of my team. Everyone brings something different to it and I consider this fact as a benefit."

František Talapka
(Head of division)

Where you can meet us

If you want to get to know our team in person, you will find us at the headquarter of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko in Žilina on Priemyselná Street. We have occupied all the offices in the Building A (the building on the right side of the entrance gate) on the 2nd floor. Everyone is welcomed!

Are you looking for a stable team?

From time to time we are looking for someone, who knows C++, understands at least a bit of German,
and prefers a stable friendly team.

If you like our team, join us!