About us: Signalling Systems

In Žilina, on the bank of the Rajčianka river, we form a compact and motivated team which together with colleagues in Germany develops software for safer railways.

In Slovakia we sell level crossing systems and provide service maintenance for them. 

We are specialists in diagnostics, communication protocols and graphical user interfaces. We also won’t get lost in the intricacies of C++, C# and MFC.

It’s a great joy for us to create applications which simplify work for dispatchers and enable service personnel to come home sooner.

Did you know that...

  • If a railway crossing is closed for more than 90 seconds, drivers and pedestrians will try to cross it despite the warning signals. Our system optimizes the closing time of a crossing and thus increases safety for people.
  • If a railway crossing is out of order, the quickness of removing the malfunction is vital. Our devices immediately provide information about problems via SMS or e-mail messages. The diagnostic software evaluates the malfunction and provides the service technician with guidelines for its removal.


This is second nature to us:

Our team

Are you looking for a stable team?

From time to time we are looking for someone, who knows C++, understands at least a bit of German, and prefers a stable, friendly team.

If you can see yourself in such a place, take a look at our job offers: