• Almost all my family members work at Scheidt & Bachmann because of good people and good support.

    Michal Hrín (software developer)

  • I came among the first ones and we have grown steadily since. And we design, sprint, auto-test and deploy more.

    Michal Srnec (software architect)

  • I appreciate that I don't take my work home and we also have a lot of holidays. I have therefore enough time to devote to my family and hobbies.


Our team: Parking Solutions

There are more than 50 of us and together we create a world in which parking is an experience and not an ordeal. Our entervo Parking Solutions helps millions of people around the world.

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    C programmers

Most of us graduated from University of Žilina, and some of us also taught there. You will be surprised on the amount of people you already know. Among us you will find lovers of good food and drinks.

We are more than just good colleagues. In our spare-time we together go out for skiing trips, go to the mountains or play football or badminton during the week. Some of us work on conserving Lietava Castle over the weekend. You will get enough chance to move with us.  

Meet our colleagues

„I came to Scheidt & Bachmann when the whole company consisted of 10 people. We have grown steadily since. We did not stop even when the financial crisis came. When I remember how we developed then and I compared it with today, we design, sprint, auto-test and deploy more.“

Michal Srnec
(Software architect)

„I have been working at Scheidt & Bachmann since 2006 also because of the people, with whom I still have something to talk about. Thanks to good cooperation in our UI support team, we can help colleagues and customers from all over the world. I appreciate that I don't take my work home and we also have a lot of holidays. I have therefore enough time to devote to my family and hobbies.“

Jaroslav Mitterpach
(UI Support Team)

"I worked at Scheidt & Bachmann for while studying at university, and my parents are also working here. At home we joke that when my brother finishes university, we will all work together, and we will convince him by then because there are good people here and good support."

Michal Hrín
(Software developer)


The business and product designs are done by our German colleagues in English. We turn ideas into real solutions using Java and C / C ++. We have enough freedom and ideas to make the software work well.

We write the code for hardware in C / C ++. We use Java to develop the web environment of entervo. We archive in SVN or Git. We deploy through Maven. We auto-test using Selenium. However, there are a lot of other technologies we use.

Our technologies

Where you can meet us

We have moved to the centre of Žilina. We are now at the beginning of the “Boulevard” and we have quickly gotten used to the good restaurants, the new spaces where the whole team meets and works together on one floor.

When you come to visit us, you can get some coffee from our coffee machine. There are passionate discussions over coffee here, or we will offer you a smoothie. If you are a lady, then we will open the door or you will get a rose from us on International Women’s Day. We also have an exercise bar to hang on.

Join us

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