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We have been building Parking Solutions in Slovakia since 2000, but we have been building the know-how for more than 50 years. That’s how long our parent company has been manufacturing parking systems.

Our missions is parking with a satisfied driver and parking operator. 

What we do in Slovakia

In Slovakia we make software, sell parking systems and service them.

We have developed many applications for the entire parking world that are part of our entervo Parking Solutions. On the world map of countries where entervo is running you can find Germany, Switzerland, USA and also Slovakia. We installed the first system in Slovakia in 2000, and today we service more than 15 car parks.

Software is our pride. It contains millions of thoughts to make drivers feel good about parking. The reward is praise from our customers.

About our team

What our customers say

Customers have written several pages about their experiences with our system. Contact us and we will provide them to you.

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Did you know, that...

  • The entry to the car park does not need a barrier, but only a high-speed camera. This is enough to calculate the parking fee and allow the vehicle to leave the car park based on its license plate number.
  • By using our ChipCoin technology, the operating costs will be refunded while protecting the environment from unnecessary waste.
  • Our parking devices can work in stand-by mode to save electricity.
  • Reserving parking is nowadays as popular as reserving a ticket for a match or cinema. Our reservation system will help the parking customer find a place to park even during peak hours.
  • A cola bottle can reduce the cost of parking. Our system reads the barcode and calculates the parking discount. The same is true with QR codes on discount coupons.
  • License plate recognition is one of our sucessful technologies that was also developed by the wise heads in Slovakia.
  • Well-designed software and heavy-duty hardware can handle extremes of workloads in good and bad weather. Our software uses the maximum power of the hardware, so our systems run reliably and for a long time.
  • Most problems arise when hardware and software do not understand each other. That's why we develop hardware and software under one roof. We know how to guarantee their proper functionality, because we have them in our own hands.

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