• FCS employee software Zilina

    I work with great people here, always ready to help and advise.

    Barbora Medvecká (IT tester)

  • I started to work at our company during my study at university. Working atmosphere is still pleasant here.

    Jozef Brezianský (Team leader)

Our team: Software development Žilina

In today's fast-paced world people need every minute and the number of passengers using public transport is increasing every day. Our mission is to make travel as simple and effective as possible with our FareGo systems.

There are more than 100 of us and everyone is different. One thing, however, brings us together: we love to work because we feel good here. We come in all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, wide, narrow. Coffee-drinkers, tea-drinkers, cyclists, hikers, and some tennis players.

You can find enthusiasts who come to work by bicycle and even those who go to see the sunrise at Mount Minčol before they go to work. We can come as late as 9:00. We enjoy everyday jokes, especially with coffee - thanks to colleagues who try to bring a new joke every day.

Meet our colleagues

„Before joining Scheidt & Bachmann I had no idea what to expect. I found great people here, always ready to help and advise. I am pleased that there is chance to grow professionally and personally here.“

Barbora Medvecká
(IT tester)


„I started to work at Scheidt & Bachmann during my 3rd year at university and because of these positive experiences I decided to continue and I am still here even now. A lot has changed during that time: the number of projects has risen as has their complexity, and the number of employees has increased several fold but there is still a great team here and a pleasant working atmosphere.“

Jozef Brezianský
(Team leader)



Using Agile methods. We use the SCRUM methodology. First, we design everything in cooperation with our colleagues from Germany, then we make our ideas and concepts a reality as soon as possible. We communicate with customers on a regular basis and demonstrate on a regular basis what progress we have made.

We develop frontend applications particularly in C/C++ and Qt. We do back-end systems in Java and use a wide range of other technologies.

Where you can meet us

The success of our projects is growing and so is the number of our colleagues. So we have moved to the Living Centre building in the Solinky area of Žilina.

The key role on each floor is played by the coffee machines. They are our meeting places, where we often have lively discussions. In addition to great coffee, we also have a good selection of meals in the surrounding restaurants. We have one on the ground floor, so we can go for lunch “in our slippers”.

We follow the rule: “Whoever does good things well, needs a good place to work.” and we have one. We have air-conditioning in hot weather and coffee on the balcony or terrace warms us up in the cold mornings. We have a view of Martinské Hole mountain range or Lietava Castle.

Do you want to enjoy work? Then come and work with us!

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