• Every new project is a challenge that we have always been able to meet to our expectations.

    Ladislav Medveczky (Head of Product SW Development & Head of Branch)

  • I came to the company straight from the USA and I am very happy here.

    Pavol Škulavík (integrator)

  • The company aimed at 100%. Now we're aiming for 120%.

    Tomáš Káčer (software architect)

Core Agile teams in Bratislava

The branch in Bratislava is relatively new, but its role is crucial. Although there are not many of us, we are developing a tremendous thing together: a generic ID-based ticketing product. Such a big thing is possible because we all pull together in the same direction.

Every developer working on ID-based ticketing is an expert in their area: whether it is security, transaction processing, automated installation, software for hardware, identity management, or processing lists and tariffs. Only the integration team is an expert on everything. It tries to make sure that all the components work together. Read more about everything our team does:

The security team works with payment cards so as to fulfil the highest PCI-DSS security standard. The transactions team secures the transfer of information from the terminal equipment – whether mobile validators in buses or ticket machines at stations – right to the central back office. This is installed fully automatically which without the deployment team would not be possible. You can also find people working on software for the lowest layers of hardware.

Processing e-tickets (e.g. by barcode) is the responsibility of the seven member e-ticketing team which is pleased to travel to work outside the company. Who pays how much for trips is decided by the tariffs team. This develops and models tariffs based on global standards such as Netex.

Leaving the most important for last, the integration team is the merriest team in the whole of Bratislava. Accomplishing some of the broadest and demanding tasks at their best capability. They breathe life into all components, they verify the overall functionality so our customers are satisfied.

Meet our colleagues

„It makes no difference whether I'm at work or at home, because my colleagues are like a family. I have already known some of them for half a century, others only a few years, but it’s as if it were an eternity. Every new project is a challenge that we have always been able to meet to our expectations. I'm glad I'm here with such great people.“

Ladislav Medveczky
(Head of Product SW Development and Head of Branch)


„When I came to the company it was already running at 100%. You would have said that there was nothing to improve but now we’re doing 120%, so it was worth coming. The more customers we have, the more generic software we can create due to the greater number of shared elements.“

Tomáš Káčer
(Software architect)

„I came to the company straight from the USA where I had worked on an integration project for my old company. As other colleagues were coming over to S&B it was an easy decision to make. I accepted the offer and I don’t regret it. I am very happy here and I would recommend it to anyone interested.“

Pavol Škulavík


The SCRUM development methodology is one of the agile techniques that enables us to very effectively achieve the best results. Every day we work at 200%; 100% in the morning and 100% in the afternoon.

We develop software in three-week cycles that end with a presentation for the customer and other teams.

Morning begins with coffee and a short standup meeting where we can talk about what we have done and what we will work on that day. Lunch is the event when we meet colleagues from different teams and we go eat together. Coffee after lunch gets us going so that by evening we successfully achieve our tasks and gradually head home.

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Where you can meet us

In Bratislava we are on Dúbravská cesta 4. You can reach us by car or by transit, we are right next to one of the busiest bus stops in the city. We have a whole floor with lots of plants and a ping-pong table. Come and see!

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