• Miracles while you wait, the impossible in 3 days. This is just what you can expect from us and we are proud of it!

    Jozef Rucek (team leader)

Our team: Software Release Engineering

We are the oldest department in the service branch, previously under the names Software Support and Release Management, and recently became SW Release Engineering. But names are not important. If a tester, developer, architect, or other colleague needs help with our devices, they look to us for help, they call us “support”.

What we do

We integrate and configure. We connect hardware and software modules that don’t work independently into a whole to bring an inanimate lump of metal to life.

We administer and archive. So that individual software versions and packages are not lost and sensibly follow on from each other.

We support developers when the software from their simulations meets real hardware for the first time. We support testers when they need to have the complete customer environment, from the machine to the back office systems, prepared before a QA test. We support the service desk when problems with the live environment exceed their abilities. We stand ready to support anyone requiring assistance.

We investigate. Why won’t the machine accept banknotes? How can we configure this type of payment terminal? When should the printer cut off the ticket? We search for the answers to all these riddles every day in the debugging logs and find answers.

We conjure. Miracles while you wait, the impossible within 3 days! This is just what you can expect from us and we are proud of it. We understand the importance of our work, because if we can’t do it then probably nobody can, and that’s unthinkable for the further development of the project.

We deploy and document. We document the prepared software release and look after its delivery to testing and installation for the customer.

We are a team that you can ask for help and get it. After work we like going together to the cinema, for dinner, bowling or spending a weekend at a cottage.

Meet our boss

“I joined Scheidt & Bachmann in 2015 after 10 years working in public administration, so for me it was a big step into the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect in the private sector and I was greatly surprised by the family atmosphere and the whole culture of the company. I have never regretted my decision, in fact I consider it to be one of my best.“

Jozef Rucek
(team leader)

What we work with

We work with hardware you cannot find anywhere else. We configure Ticket Vending Machines as large as a wardrobe, but also gateways for access to underground trains, handheld units or ticket validators. We work with software and firmware for printers, banknote and coin validators, non-cash terminals, touch screens and smartcard readers.

So, if you like working with software and are not afraid of "iron" and the challenges associated with configuring it, you will certainly enjoy working with us.

Our technologies

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