• Work is my natural habitat and my pace is dangerous.

    Danka Likavčanová (Senior Problem Manager)

  • We are older than Coca-Cola and work in near perfect harmony.

    Radomír Čurný (team leader)

Our teams: Service Desk

Global Service Operations Center

We do not mind if you are a teen or in your -ties. In our team, age is just a number. It is English and good mood which differ us from the others.

If you like challenges and you find Slovakia too small, England or North America can become your virtual home. That is the reason, why we are “Global”.

What we do

We are definitely not a standard “call center“. We are the 991 emergency number of Scheidt & Bachmann or Quick Reaction Forces. We take care of thousands of our devices from all around the world. You won’t be bored. You can work from home even during the weekends or the holidays.

What we expect of you

In the beginning, it would be enough when you make yourself understand with native Scots or Canadians with French accent on the phone. If you can restart our devices via remote access, you get your first bonus point. If you have no idea what remote access is, don’t worry. Not everyone knew it in the beginning, but we will give you lessons about it.

Our work is not over here. Step by step, we will teach you how to restart, set up or analyze thousands of services, processes, hundreds of servers for thousands of our devices. It is up to you how many IT skills you can absorb and where you want to move. In Scheidt & Bachmann, it is for generations (look into our history) – “we don’t go away“.

60 technicians in England will evaluate if you are good at playing strategy games, when you will have to dispatch them in their service territories.

Even though we work 7 days a week, we work most of the time from our homes after 6 pm, but not all the time. Our team has members enough to always come to an agreement, help each other, so you can always catch your family parties, weddings or student’s parties.

Do you dare to be part of our team?

Because our motto says: “You have to deserve this team“.

Incident management

Do you play ping-pong, guitar, volleyball, football, badminton, golf, laser game, platform games or do you just like winding people up? Are you single or with commitments, bald, brown-haired or blonde, bearded, moustachioed or with a mohican? Do you go to the cinema, to concerts, for a barbecue or to the garage? Do you dance, cook, run, walk in the mountains or just relax? Are you remodelling an old house or building a new one?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, you may find a soul mate here.

What we do

We have a dedicated team who repairs every mishaps. The sooner the better. The goal is for passengers not to wait for tickets in front of a blocked gate in the underground or at the door of the bus.

From 8am to 6pm - Monday to Friday - you will always find someone here. Juraj is here mostly from 7am. At 9am at the stand-up meeting, everyone counts their solved support tickets as proof that they saved the world yesterday. They throw the solved ones into the bin and prepare the new ones for the coming day. Perpetual motion.

Your added value will be your willingness to learn to fix, restart, set up, analyse ten thousand monitored services on hundreds of servers and thousands of devices from Split, to London, to Ottawa.

Believe us, you will be on alert and you will love it.

Problem management

Do you like pomelo? If so, you are the person for us. If you sometimes buy it, peel it and present it nicely on a plate next to the keyboard then we will get on well, but remember the equation: even more pomelo = get on even better.

What we do

Occasionally, problems appear unexpected - it simply does not work! The problem may be anywhere between the server and the client or device - Processes, Servers, Settings, Database, Windows, Linux, Java, Network Infrastructure, Hardware, Communication and, of course, the Special Category. We look for solutions to problems which do not have a lasting solution at hand at the moment – those are our daily tasks.

Our technologies

Meet our colleagues

„They say my pace is dangerous, work is my natural hunting ground and that my greatest love is following processes. Moreover, I work from dawn to dusk. That is how my colleagues tease me. Truth is I am easy going and if people are nice to me, I give them a smile.”

Danka Likavčanová
(Problem Management)


„When I read on the internet that we are older than Coca-Cola, I expected there to be stability, but, I would never have believed that this bunch of introverts and extroverts, advocates of drum `n` bass, real rock, or even reggae and with 20-year age differences could work in near perfect harmony.“

Radomír Čurný
(Team Leader Global Service Operational Center)


Where you can find us

You can find us on the 3rd floor of the Living Centre building. You can reach us comfortably by stairs or by lift.

Join us

Do you want to be part of the team at Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia? Find out if we are looking for you.