• Management cares that we develop in what we enjoy and find fulfilling.

    Matej Melo (data analyst)

  • I have not met such nice and helpful people in any other company.

    Monika Vyskočová

    (technical documentarist)

  • I'm here because of good colleagues and free coffee.

    Ivan Horňák

    (Salesforce administrator)

Salesforce Administration – Data Analytics – Technical Documentation

We are 3 small teams, but each with a big heart!

We are the youngest service department team in the Fare Collection Systems (FCS) division, formed in 2020. Our mission is special because we provide special assistance to our colleagues in a variety of ways:

  • As Salesforce system administrators, we take care of the system used by all service colleagues,
  • we, the technical documentarists, are creating manuals that are necessary for service and development teams, as well as for our customers,
  • and it's up to us, the data analysts, to prepare reports that help managers across the division to make right decisions.

Although we are from different parts of Slovakia and work on different tasks, we always find time to have fun together.

What we do

Salesforce administrators
Without us, technically savvy administrators, the Salesforce system – an essential tool for the entire FCS service department – would be useless. In addition to supporting our colleagues on a daily basis,we work to improve existing features, integrate external systems, and resolve a variety of ongoing issues. We are also dealing with the automatic monitoring of our devices via IoT (Internet of Things) orchestration and improving the interface functions between Salesforce and SAP systems.

Data analysts
Colleagues turn to us when they are interested in any kind of numbers in our division – how many passengers bought a ticket on a given day, what is the % failure rate of our ticket machines in England last month, or what is the success rate for resolving customer issues with Level 1 technical support?  The cool thing is that we play around at work – with numbers, charts and graphs that we summarise into different reports. We also engage in active data analysis or looking for various correlations and useful connections. For example, using artificial intelligence, we have identified the factors that most influence the failure rate of our TVMs (ticket vending machines). In practice, we can therefore predict which devices will need more servicing and, as a result, we can schedule the number of preventive maintenance inspections.

Technical documentarists
We are one of the few all-female teams at Scheidt & Bachmann. Maybe it's because we're meticulous at work. But we are not averse to male reinforcements to help us prepare various documents (manuals, handbooks, Q&A...) for the FCS division's products, especially the FareGo Data application. Our working language is English and we aim to create user-friendly documentation. We want our colleagues as well as customers to know how to use all the functions of our devices and systems correctly. That's why we work with software developers daily and ask them a lot of questions so that we know as much as possible about the new functionalities. Occasionally, we go so in-depth that we even manage to discover a software bug while creating documentation. We also make sure that all the documents that come from us have a consistent look and feel, as well as a modern design – and as many pictures as possible, as they say more than a thousand words.

Where to find us

Our offices are located in Žilina in the IT centre of Scheidt & Bachmann at Priemyselná Street. But before you come to visit us, please call. Most of us got used to working from home during the pandemic and it still sticks with us. It suits us better and the nature of our work allows it.

Our technologies

Meet colleagues

"I became part of Scheidt & Bachmann by accident. I started as a temporary worker in the GSOC team to earn extra money and improve my English. The temp job became my permanent job and I was given the opportunity to grow professionally as a Salesforce administrator."

Ivan Horňák
(Salesforce administrator)

"I have not met such nice and helpful people in any other company. From my first day, whoever I contacted with a problem or question, everyone was always willing to help or advise me."

Monika Vyskočová
(technical documentarist)

"What I really appreciate about our company is its stability, friendliness towards employees with special needs (e.g., parents with little children) and the focus on long-term employee satisfaction."

Matej Melo
(data analyst)

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