• I like the work because of its variety and the excellent atmosphere.

    Róbert Čech (team leader)

Our team: Back Office Operations

We are BOO, but do not be afraid. There are ten of us in the team: Janči, Roman, Ľubo, Maroš, Martin, Ján, Dávid, Tomáš, Laco and Robo. We love jokes and with us you will definitely learn to use the ⊞ Win + L. shortcut. With an average age of 35 we are still young, but experienced.

And what does a typical working day look like for us. Everyone who comes at 9:00, because you can also start then, joins the morning coffee session, when we debate all the important working and private issues. Sometimes, we give or get advice, take a video conference or phone call with someone from another team, from another country or even from another continent and practice our English.

Whoever has finished their work can wave goodbye to the others at 15:00 and sadly leave with the knowledge that the best part of the day has ended. Sometimes we extend the day by playing pool, going bowling or go-karting. We also have musical Fridays, when you can use your laptop to play what you think will most annoy the others.

What we do

Do you want to buy a ticket for public transport in Vienna, London, New York or Toronto? Without us it would not work. We know exactly how to configure what the customer wants and the architect has drawn. We install small pieces of software from our clever developers to set up great and functional devices. New features? No problem, we will do an update. New server? That is no problem, we will modify it.

We install and administer Scheidt & Bachmann software for customers running from one to one hundred servers – whether in a development, testing or production environment.

Meet our boss

„I joined Scheidt & Bachmann in 2014 at the department of Field Devices. With the expansion of the German Back Office team, I was the first from Žilina to become a part of it. As the need for Back Office support grew, so did the number of us in Žilina, until we formed our own independent Žilina team, which I lead. I love the work for its variety and the excellent atmosphere there is in the team.“

Róbert Čech
(team leader)


What we work with

As part of agile techniques we use KANBAN, which suits our type of work best. We work with both Windows Servers as well as Oracle Linux OS, so we are also familiar with Putty or WinSCP. We can install and setup schemas and tables in Oracle Database with our eyes closed, and configuring Oracle client is also no problem. So that the customer can host his web site, we get it going for him in Apache Tomcat, Wildfly or both. If we need to crawl through logs, we do it. If a system that worked yesterday does not work today, we fix it, we do not trace it as “nobody has changed anything.”

Join us

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