Our team: Project management

We love adventure, so we are not afraid to enter uncharted waters and walk along trails that have never been explored. Implementing new, unique and demanding projects, travelling, communicating with customers, teams, partners and suppliers are all in a day’s work for us. It is hard work, but it is worth it for the feeling we have after delivering a successful project to a satisfied customer!

We are not just pretty faces

We are not just empty suits who forward emails and manage people. Our work requires a lot of technical ability and insight to understand the dependencies and connections in very complex projects that we are responsible for implementing.

What we enjoy

The difficult work we have needs to be kept in perspective. We are people who have a sense of humour and we like laughing. Tennis, badminton, volleyball, ice hockey, hiking are sports that we know. We like to sit down and talk over some good food and drink and not only about work. Our offices always have a friendly atmosphere and open doors for all colleagues.

Join us

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