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About us

Scheidt & Bachmann has been operating in Slovakia since 1995. Back then, the whole company had only a few employees and our department did not exist in Slovakia.
The interest in our products abroad has increased sharply since then and the number of new projects as well as customers is always growing. Meanwhile, the demands for high quality software are rising. Because of this, our department is now the largest and fastest growing within the entire group. Our branches are located in Europe and Northern America.

What do we do in Slovakia?

In Slovakia, we make software for our FareGo products, and we provide support and service for them. Because of the large number of orders and the growing need for high quality software, we constantly expand our teams in Žilina and also in Bratislava and in Košice.

3 towns – 1 team

We are the largest software division of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia. There are more than 250 of us. Although we are based in three cities, we are one team of people, a united entity, which communicates and works together on a daily basis. Therefore, it does not matter who works at which location. He or she will always be a part of one big team.

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