Our promise: Lifelong quality for millions of people

    Our systems for intelligent mobility are used by millions of people worldwide every day. We are therefore committed to ensuring a high standard of quality at all times and for the long term. The high expectations of our customers are reliably met through our daily strive for quality, reliability, competence and the continuous development of our products and services. We believe that our long-standing customer relationships, some of which exist for decades, are the best proof of this lifelong quality. To achieve our quality objectives, we count on the competence of our employees who are committed in ensuring customer satisfaction. As an integrated systems provider, we work according to modern principles to ensure the highest quality in both hardware and software.

    Simple processes with customer focus
    Our business processes are transparent, lean and efficient. We are constantly working on improving all activities along the value chain and making work processes simple and safe. Our focus therefore lies on impeccable quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

    Clear standards
    Compliance of standards throughout the company ensures our consistent high quality and simplifies work for all involved, for our employees, as well as our customers and suppliers. For example, our software testers are certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) to ensure that our diverse software is tested in accordance with international standards. In addition, as a DIN member we work according to various VDE and EN standards as well as in the area of electronics production according to IPC 610.

    Lean Management
    By streamlining our processes and avoiding waste, we can achieve greater efficiency and meet the constantly changing market requirements reliably and flexibly. We also count on concepts such as 5S at the workplace, because we believe that a clean and clear working environment improves work efficiency, productivity and safety. In addition, we use automated testing methods that enable efficient and accurate testing, thus speeding up the production process at the highest quality.

    A constructive error management culture
    We live in a corporate culture in which we see mistakes as an opportunity for improvement. The continuous improvement process, for example, allows us to solve problems together and thus improve our company step by step. By using quality gates in the development process, we are able to detect and eliminate errors at an early stage and use the knowledge gained to avoid future risks.

    Consistent quality control
    In addition to testing during development and production, we carry out module acceptance tests of all individual components of both hardware and software. Our detailed final inspections on the finished device confirm the optimum quality of the overall system. Our customers can therefore be sure to receive a perfect product that meets their exact requirements.

    The certification of Scheidt & Bachmann is for us the official confirmation of our continuous efforts in achieving the highest quality. We are proud that our Quality Management System was successfully certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in 2017. You can view and download the corresponding certificate below.

    In 2022 our company became Authorised Economic Operator – AEO.