• banner philosophy

    Our goals

    Since its foundation in 1872, it has been and remains the declared goal of the owner families
    to manage and maintain Scheidt & Bachmann as a family business.
    In order to achieve this, an important foundation is profitable growth through sustainable management and our constant will to adapt the company and ourselves to changing conditions.

    Employee satisfaction

    The knowledge and skills of our employees are the true capital of the company. Motivation and identification of our employees with the company goals and values are therefore important prerequisites for our mutual success.

    Customer orientation

    In all our operations, we focus our awareness on the fact that our customers pay our salaries. The economically reasonable service of customer requirements is our foundation. In this spirit, every employee acts customer-oriented, internally and externally.


    Technical innovation has been a tradition since the company was founded. We will continually invest in innovative products and solutions and constantly develop and maintain our technological lead in competition. The constant questioning of our own products and the agile adaptation of our business models is our answer to emerging disruptive changes.


    “Think globally, act locally”. Local presence and understanding of country-specific needs and the acceptance of cultural differences are the key to international growth. This also includes international interaction within the global S&B Group.

    Economic independence

    We want to be able to determine the course and strategy of the company ourselves at all times. For this we need independence from external parties, individual orders and financiers.