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    We produced machines - now we create whole worlds

    Development from a mechanical engineering company to a global systems provider for intelligent mobility

    It has been a long journey for us. From steam-powered machines, today we create whole worlds of solutions, which help people all around the world.

    Our company was founded by two people. The family line of Dr.-Ing. Carl Bachmann – now the 5th generation – is still alive in it up to present time. During the Second World War, Scheidt & Bachmann was almost fully destroyed by bomb attacks. The restoration began immediately after the war ended with 100 of the original 1,000 employees.

    Our story shows that our employees are our driving force, mainly in hard times. Also, thanks to them we a step closer to the customers.


    The salesman Friedrich Scheidt and the engineer Carl Bachmann found the company Scheidt & Bachmann in Mönchengladbach. During the first years Scheidt & Bachmann produced textile machines, transmissions and small steam-powered machines.


    The founders changed their plan and started producing signalling devices. Signalling Systems is our company’s division with the longest history.


    Scheidt & Bachmann relocates its registered office to a newly established plant in Rheydt which today is a district of Mönchengladbach.


    The company starts producing devices for petrol stations. The Fuel Retail Solutions division was founded in this year.


    During the Second World War Scheidt & Bachmann is almost fully destroyed by bomb attacks. Rebuilding begins immediately after the war ends with 100 of the original 1,000 employees.


    The company begins to develop and manufacture parking centre systems. Since then this business division complements the product portfolio of Scheidt & Bachmann. At this time microprocessor technology is integrated for the first time. Scheidt & Bachmann is Europe-wide among the first companies realising the potential of this groundbreaking technology and applying it in automated systems. A software development department is exclusively established for this purpose.


    The Fare Collection Systems business division is established and completes the four business divisions as they still are operating today.


    Prof. Ing. Ladislav Skýva, DrSc. met the owner of Scheidt & Bachmann, Dr.h.c. Gert Miller at University of Žilina. Their conversation led to the establishment of the Slovak company Dopravné systémy Scheidt & Bachmann s.r.o. The very good relationships with University of Žilina last to this day.

    The first employees of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko were two university graduates. Today they are part of the leadership of the Slovak company.


    Dr.-Ing. Norbert Miller takes over the position of managing director from his father.


    In Slovakia, the production of operating devices began at the site on Priemyselná Street in Žilina. Already more than 100 employees work for the company at this time.


    In order to strengthen the brand in Slovakia, the company name changes to Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko. It was previously Dopravné systémy Scheidt & Bachmann.


    A major enlargement of the company’s operating premises starts; foundations of the new buildings are laid. One of the most beautiful industrial sites in the whole country begins to grow.


    Due to fast expansion, Fare Collection Systems division, at the home site on Priemyselná Street, moves into new premises. The divisions also enlarge with teams in Bratislava. Production capacities increases and the number of employees exceeds 500.


    We are the largest employer of IT professionals in Žilina and we are again expanding our premises – this time production. That is why in November we started building a new production hall in the industrial park in Bytča.


    We ranked among the TOP 5 employers in Slovakia in the IT and telecommunications category as part of a competition "The Most Attractive Employer"organised by the job portal Profesia.


    At the beginning of 2020, the production, quality, purchasing and logistics departments moved from the Žilina headquarters to a new eco-friendly production hall in Bytča. A modern hall with an area of 9,000 m2 was built on a 35,000 m2 site. The office space and sanitary facilities cover an area of another 2,500 m2.


    We are opening an IT centre. We have converted the former production hall in our headquarters on Priemyselná Street in Žilina into a modern software and testing centre. Colleagues from the Parking Solutions and Fare Colection Systems divisions have moved in. It also includes a spacious atrium used for company events, a canteen and an exercise area.


    Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko employs the most IT workers in Žilina. The production of devices in Slovakia is very successful and makes a good name for the Made in Slovakia brand. Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko proves how well rich German know-how functions in the hands of skilled Slovak employees. At the end of the journey there is a common objective; satisfied customers all around the world.