• Zilina

    We have been around for more than 150 years simply because we fulfil our promises

    We started writing the story of our family business in 1872. Today, it is headed by Dr.-Ing. Norbert Miller, who represents the fifth generation of family business owners.

    We have been growing in Žilina since 1995 in close cooperation with the University of Žilina. We also have strong teams in Bratislava and Bytča.

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    Our team of more than 700 employees makes sure travellers have an extraordinary experience, travel safely and without delay, park their cars simply and quickly refuel them, making their safety and comfort a priority.

    A step forward for us does not only mean just making the devices; we want to understand our customers so we can create a solution that will help them.

    Software development and service support have therefore become the heart of our systems.

    The recipe for our long-term success is simple: We believe in the skills of our employees and solve the problems of our clients with professionalism and with a promise for the long run.


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