Žilina Challenge Cup 2017: We came, we saw, we conquered

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    "Why should business companies compete only in market or HR fields?" This question floats in minds of sports fans, employees, managers and company owners that meet each other during the evenings in various gyms.

    One of them took the initiative four years ago and thanks to him for the sixth time a prestigious volleyball tournament of mixed company teams called Žilina Challenge Cup took place during the second weekend of January.

    Thanks to the good relations Matej Švábik has inside the Žilina volleyball community, also the team of Scheidt & Bachmann (see picture) received an invitation to participate in the tournament.

    We came, we won, we conquered

    Thanks to the victory over Glovis and Siemens, our joyful team managed to fight its way up to the finals.

    Unbelievable atmosphere, team spirit both on the field and on the bench and thunderous applause from our fans drove Scheidt & Bachmann team to victory in a breathtaking finale. The cup we dreamt about was ours.

    Final ranking

    1. Scheidt & Bachmann
    2. GLOVIS
    3. KIA
    4. Descartes
    5. Siemens
    6. KROS

    Our philosophy prevailed until the end

    25 minutes before the tournament start, we lost one of our key players. Lenka Žlábková & Jožko Kriváň have shown their flexibility and short reaction times from Service desk and as a workaround to the current problem woke up and convinced an external player Peter Dudáš to come and play for our team.

    "Every player in our team read the game, had good ball reception and fulfilled his duties in defense and offense. The guys knew where to smash the ball and the passes of the girls were excellent," stated our receiving libero and best referee of the tournament Katka Šugrová.

    "It is an indescribable joy and a father's pride to play good quality volleyball with his 13 year old daughter in one team. It is also very hard not to give advice to her after each played ball," stated Rado Čurný (48) who was probably the oldest player of the tournament.

    It is because of this balanced mix of stability, reliability, expertise and enormous joy from the game together with fantastic fans that drove the Scheidt & Bachmann team to victory.

    We are one family

    "I hope these words will not sound like a planned PR act, but the truth is, that everyone that was attending the tournament on that Saturday - players, fans and our little offsprings were feeling like one big Scheidt & Bachmann family," summed up Rado Čurný about attending the tournament.

    Now it is our turn

    The tournament is over, even the muscle aches went away and the victory cup is proudly decorating the entrance into the office interior. In addition to our joy, we have received one important and responsible task. As the winning newcomer of this tournament, we get the honor of organizing the next (7th) tournament in May this year.

    We are looking forward to organizing it and as the title holders we will try to get the second trophy home!

    challenge cup 2017
    The victory shout of team Scheidt & Bachmann: Sha-baaa!