We start 2024 with positive news

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    The challenging end of last year marked by the fire at the new IT centre is behind us and although there is still a lot to do in the new year, we are optimistic!

    The fire brought us together

    October's fire at the new IT centre was a big shock for our company. But it also showed our strength because it brought employees together across various states and positions. Help came from colleagues in Bytča, from the German headquarters, from offices in the USA and Canada, and also from our customers. They opened up their test facilities for our employees and provided testing equipment because ours had been damaged by the fire. Thanks to this great wave of solidarity and the dedication of our employees, we managed a small miracle. We practically did not have to interrupt our operations and we delivered our projects on time to our customers.

    Divided again

    Before the fire, 300 of our employees were working in the IT centre and lost their modern office, relaxation, sports and team spaces overnight. Most of them worked flexibly from home until the end of 2023, some travelled to our foreign offices or customers, and the Parking Solutions division testers moved to the production hall in Bytča. The Fare Collection Systems division returned to the premises in the Living centre located in the Solinky housing estate in Žilina, where it had operated before moving to the IT centre.

    Getting started

    The IT centre has been completely renovated. The least affected parts of the building (front and back) have been cleaned, repainted and technical and health checks have been carried out. The middle part of the building has been completely cleared out and has been busy since the beginning of the new year – we are starting a complete refurbishment of the building which should last until the end of 2024.

    We are filling (up)

    With the arrival of the new year, life has returned to the IT centre. Not only did the workers fill it, but our employees also returned, although not all of them. First, some of the service department staff and one of the development teams from the Fare Collection Systems division returned to their offices on the 1st and 2nd floors at the front of the building. Gradually, the offices of the Parking Solutions software division have also filled up and we expect the return of the testers from Bytča in the coming weeks.

    Positive outlook

    If everything goes according to the plan, in a year's time our IT centre will be complete again – completely redesigned, completely full and ready to write only completely positive milestones in its history. "We at Scheidt & Bachmann are not worried about the future. This is the 152nd year of our company's existence and we still have a lot of work, projects, and challenges ahead of us! We are proud to have colleagues we can rely on in good times and who are willing to support our company even in more difficult times!" says Ing. Ján Krúpa, Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia.