We are skilled not only with programming, but also with shovels and pickaxes

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    Alias Our City 2018 in Scheidt & Bachmann style

    We like to help and do good. That is why 15 of our employees were a part of this year’s volunteering project Our City 2018 (Naše mesto 2018). They rolled up their sleeves, took the shovels, pickaxes, brooms and started working. You can read in this article, where and how we helped.

    Our employees changed clicks to mouse for shovels and pickaxes for one day

    Magnificent seven vs eight

    It was June 8, 2018 and our employees showed us that they were really skilled. They are not only specialist in their fields of expertise, but they are not afraid of manual work in the fresh air. Eight of them helped to beautify the area of the Domov sociálnych služieb SYNNÓMIA in Žilina, Vlčince and the other magnificent seven brave swapped the town for Lietava Castle. They gained some new building skills and saved bastion of the lower castle for the next generations.

    The Žilina mission through eyes of Braňo Lulek

    The coordinator of the Our City project in the Retirement home SYNNÓMIA waited for us at 9 am. The group of 15 volunteers was composed of 8 of my Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko colleagues and 7 volunteers from Kia Motors Slovakia. After a quick snack and morning briefing during which we found out the plan of the day, we finally started working.

    At first, we had to spread a giant heap of clay soil, which we used for levelling the ground. The soil was so thick that my shovel went nearly bent few times. Unfortunately, we only had one wheelbarrow and not a little of time, so everyone put some money up and our colleagues from Kia went and bought another barrow. Thanks to this, we could get rid of mass of soil quicker.


    Girls´ task was to clean a sandpit that they had to find in the sea of grass. The other colleagues scattered the soil from the gazebo earthwork over the surrounding lawn. They also cleaned the garden from weeds and stones.

    Around 11 am we all enjoyed a great deal of baguettes in the pleasant gazebo's shadow. The inhabitants of the retirement home took care of our drinking schedule, because it was a very hot day. They brought us water and iced tea, they also prepared very good coffee and told us their interesting life stories.

    Mission accomplished

    • Garden terrain levelled (almost exactly the same centimetre level across the whole area)
    • Excavated rocks moved to a new place (ready for the future rock garden)
    • Sandpit looking brand-new
    • Concrete pitch cleared of weeds and ready for new matches
    • Pavement and the table tennis surrounding areas perfectly raked and ready for grass seeding

    We did all the task before 2 pm, even with the added tasks the organisers did take into account. Therefore, we still had time to get to know our colleagues from Scheidt & Bachmann, because the new software testers from the Fuel Retail Solutions department joined volunteering longtimers. We made new relations, strengthen the old ones and did a good thing. We had an amazing time and we can't wait to join the event in the next year. Will you join us?

    Our adventure in Lietava

    Friday morning seven employees from Scheidt & Bachmann made a short trek to Lietava Castle. The first group supervised by Združenie na záchranu Lietavského hradu filled holes with mortar in a tiny round tower. Even though most of them did this work for the first time in their lives, they did great. 

    They even had time to adjust terrain in the tower and its surroundings and they made a significant archaeological discovery. Actually, there were two. They found a piece of medieval plate and bone. According the representatives of Združenie na záchranu Lietavského hradu it was human one. The findings were sent to a historic analysis.

    Another  group of our employees helped with archaeological research. They were very skilled to so that had a time for VIP tour de Lietava Castle. They visited places where the visitors are forbidden to go. They made a photo from the castle´s roof. It was an unbelievable adventure for them. After a good work, all the volunteers got awarded with a great lunch. Thanks to the fresh air and physical work, there was nothing left of the Hungarian chicken paprikash.

    All of our volunteers agreed that the ‘‘Our City ‘‘ event benefited them. Jaroslav Mitterpach from Parking Systems concluded tersely: ‘‘It is amazing relax. You change your working environment and work. And even though you work for free, it is still worth it. If you learn, how to do certain things for free, then we can also do other things better. At the same time, you get to know your colleagues, whit whom you talk only on the phone better. You can find out that they are wonderful people and you are very proud to be their colleagus and that you can help to do the right thing together.”