We are one of the TOP employers 2018 in IT

    - Human-Resources

    The biggest Slovak work portal Profesia announces a poll of the most attractive employers in several categories every year. Our company was nominated in this poll for the first time and it achieved an unexpected success.

    The head office of the Scheidt & Bachmann company is based in Žilina on the Priemyselná street. You can find the other offices in Žilina (Living centrum in Solinky, one of suburbs in Žilina, and on the A. Bernoláka street), in towns Bytča and Bratislava.

    How did we end up in the poll?

    It is a big prestige for every company to be placed in the “TOP employer“ poll. It shows how much the company is attractive for the potential candidates and how it takes care of its employees. Profesia chooses 20 companies in 10 categories based on multiple criteria. “Companies in each category were nominated by foregoing analysis of their behavior while recruiting new people. We tracked the total number of posted job positions, the absolute number of views of the job offers and the average number of responses. By a relatively complicated formula, we made an anonymised recalculation of these values and ranked the first 20 places in each category,” said Profesia about the poll.

    The public votes in the poll from October to the end of December. Everyone can vote, it does not matter if someone is or is not an employee of the nominated company in the poll including the candidates who are applying for a job in that company. Voting is voluntary and anonymous. More than 13 thousand people voted in this year’s poll.

    We were kindly surprised by the nomination

    The nomination for the poll of the TOP employer in the IT and Telecommunications category pleased and surprised us. Seeing that our company develop software for the transport systems, but it also manufacture own hardware. So, only half of our employees, which is about 300 people, work in the IT area. Though, we do everything we can to keep our employees to go to work happy and still have plenty of time for their families,” said Ing. Marína Schiffer, the Managing Director of the Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko s.r.o. 

    The employees were informed about the nomination of our company via internal e-mail communication. However, they weren’t able to vote from their work computers. As a company we share the same URL, so our employees could support us by voting via their mobile phones and home PCs. 

    The New Year’s present

    We got an unexpected New Year’s present when the HR department got an invitation for the Most Attractive Employer gala night together with the information that our company is one of the TOP 10 most attractive IT companies. We were represented by two ladies at the gala night taking place on January 30, 2019 – by Ing. Marína Schiffer, Managing Director of the company and Ing. Katarína Veneny, Head of the Human Resources department. 

    As I saw the name of our company on a large screen during the gala evening, I was immensely proud that we were among the Slovak IT giants, even though we consider our company to be smaller Žilina´s company with a family-friendly atmosphere. I secretly hoped that we would take the 3rd place. In the end, we did not stand on the podium. It does not matter at all. We have one more reason to keep getting better,” said Katarína Veneny.

    Marína Schiffer just added: “In the name of the whole company, I want to thank everyone who voted for us and especially our employees because we could not have grown and have been a part of the Slovak market without them since the year 1995.“