Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia among the TOP 5 employers

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Corporate

    The Slovak branch of Scheidt & Bachmann fought its way into the most attractive employers in the IT and telecommunications category again.

    At the end of last year, more than 36,000 people voted in the poll of Profesia, the biggest Slovak work portal, and they selected the most attractive employers in 9 categories. The results were announced on January 29, 2020 during the gala night where our company was represented by Katarína Veneny, HR Manager, and Ladislav Medveczky, Head of the Bratislava branch of FCS.

    In 2018 our company was placed in the top ten ranking among IT and telecommunications companies, in 2019 it ranked even higher – among the TOP 5 employers. It was only a short step to grasp the podium. “I thank all employees and candidates who voted for us and showed us that they were satisfied with our company. Thanks to them, we have achieved another success that recharges us with energy to work even harder. Maybe next year we might finally get to the stage,“ laughs Katarína Veneny and continues: “We have the motivation and many plans, which we want to carry out. We will also be driven by the new values and goals of our company, as well as by impulses and feedback from our employees.”

    In addition to the list of the most attractive employers, the poll brought interesting findings, too. According to the poll, the Slovak people appreciate the employers for the quality of their products and services, brand strength, goodwill, pleasant workplace and a good team. The wage ended in 6th place in the value ranking. “People are increasingly thinking about the meaning of their work. That is the reason why they want to work for employers whose products or services do not conflict with their own interests. We see that people seek to be proud of what they do,” emphasized Ivana Molnárová, Executive Director of Profesia.

    Ladislav Medveczky and Katarína Veneny represented Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia during the announcement of the poll´s results about the most attractive employers in Slovakia