Our IT centre is opened

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    We opened the latest addition to the Slovak branch of Scheidt & Bachmann in style.

    The grand opening took place 22 May 2023. On this occasion, the Slovak branch was visited by the largest delegation from the parent company in Germany to date. It was headed by Dr. Norbert Miller, CEO, with his family, which makes up the 5th generation of the company's owners, the board of directors and the German management. Together with the Slovak management, they toured the new IT centre, which was created by the conversion of the original production hall and greeted the employees. More than 300 IT specialists work there on international projects in the fields of fare collection systems, parking systems and fuel retail solutions.

    The official programme was opened by a 34-member company choir from Germany – S&B Voices, which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. Then Ján Krúpa, Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko, took the stage and welcomed the distinguished guests and Slovak employees. He invited Dr. Miller to the podium, who cut the ceremonial white ribbon and addressed all the participants. As always, he was positive and transferred his energy to the whole hall. His 100-slide presentation, in which he summarized the entire history of the Slovak branch and highlighted the work of all its teams, took only a few dozen minutes thanks to his relaxed style. His performance was applauded by the employees with a long applause and another one followed the performance of S&B Voices. The company choir together with 12 Slovak colleagues sang 3 songs – one in English Rockin' All Over the World (Status Quo), one in German Auf uns (Andreas Bourani) and even a Slovak folk song Tancuj, tancuj. The whole hall sang and clapped along, so the choir could not leave the stage without an encore.

    While the atrium was being transformed into a dance floor, everyone was invited to dinner, which was served in the former warehouse. This was transformed into a spacious catering area, which was also brimming with traditional Slovak food and drinks. There was something for everyone. Participants could also taste delicious Ethiopian coffee roasted in Slovakia or take a souvenir photo in the photo booth.

    An hour later, the Slovak All Stars Band invited everyone to the dance floor. They played the biggest Slovak and world hits. The German male colleagues danced with the Slovak female colleagues and the Slovak male colleagues danced with the German female colleagues. When the band was not playing, the DJ took care of the entertainment. The mood was excellent, the energy electrifying, in short, a proper family party that everyone enjoyed. At 10 pm the event was supposed to end, but nobody wanted to go home yet, including the management, who unanimously agreed to extend the event (at least for an hour).

    It was a great event, but it could not have happened without our team spirit! The management sincerely thanks everyone who was involved in organizing the event, and to everyone who participated. At the same time, they wish the employees who work in the new premises to feel comfortable there and to find space for the development of creativity.

    How did the participants themselves evaluate the event?

    Dr. Norbert Miller, CEO of S&B
    “The shareholders and the management from Mönchengladbach including myself enjoyed the opening and the celebration very much. The S&B Voices and their local supporters created a perfect start, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the new IT centre presented itself in the best condition. A perfect working environment for a wonderful team. It was an outstanding event!“

    Ing. Ján Krúpa, Managing Director of S&B Slovakia
    "We, Scheidt & Bachmann, are a creative company that knows how to implement big projects. We saw this in Dr. Miller's presentation. I believe that we have breathed a creative soul into the IT centre with the participation of the people who financed, designed, built and work in it. Hats off to how we did it together! I cannot forget about S&B Voices either. I've known them for a long time, but they gave their best performance yet in Žilina and added another dimension to our celebration!"

    Markus Weuthen, member of S&B Voices, Release Train Engineer entervo.core of the Parking Solutions Division
    "It was a great event! It was an honour for the whole choir to perform together with 12 Slovak colleagues and even sing a Slovak song with them. For the first time at an official S&B event, the audience requested an encore, and our performance was rewarded with a huge applause. Thank you for the great support to the Slovak team!"

    Ing. Eva Hut'kova, Developer, Signalling Systems Division
    "The whole event was great!  The environment, the program, the refreshments, the music and even the weather was great. The best event since I have been in the company (13 years). Everyone came to their own."

    Marek Stenchlák, developer of the Fare Collection Systems division from the Bratislava office
    "A very successful event. Thank you. Just a pity it was a Monday. "