Non-stop optimisation from Bytča

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Corporate

    The production colleagues in Bytča are constantly looking for ways to improve the production and logistics processes. The last time they came up with ideas of how to optimise the parking-terminals-for-entry assembly line.

    Empty PGL 40 terminals were transferred to assembly trolleys by crane at the assembly line workstation. After the assemblies had been completed, they were reloaded onto a transport pallet by crane. This lengthy process, which kept 2 people busy for 2 hours a day, was replaced by a practical solution by the Slovakian colleagues.

    They came up with a first solution and, in cooperation with an external company, created new adapters for the wagons of the S&B train, allowing the terminals to be transported without having to reload them unnecessarily.

    How does this work?

    1. Empty terminals are loaded onto a wagon in the warehouse, which is connected to the train via an adapter.
    2. The train takes the terminal to the assembly line where the actual assembly takes place.
    3. After assembly, the wagon with the terminal is reconnected to the train, which takes it to the warehouse.
    4. Warehouse staff unload the terminal from the trolley with a crane and pack it into the appropriate packaging materials.

    The benefits of this solution are:

    • Less processing time and logistics manpower is required when supplying the PGL 40 line.
    • Moving the crane to the warehouse to the packaging line, where it can be used more widely.
    • Freeing up an area of 50 m2 to make way for another production workplace.
    • Fffective rationalisation of logistics processes.