May be fit

    Created by Katarina Labudova | - Corporate

    “May be fit” is the name of the sports challenge that took place in our company throughout the month of May. Its aim was to get employees moving before the summer.

    Employees recorded their sporting activities via the Strava mobile app. In it, a sports club was created by Scheidt and Bachmann Slovensko. 110 employees from all divisions and branches – Žilina, Bytča, Bratislava and Košice – joined it.

    Competitive types

    Our employees love to compete, and this was confirmed in this competition. The opportunity to win a gift voucher for a purchase in a sports shop was also a motivation for regular exercise. Each week 2 winners were drawn who had to meet 2 conditions:

    • do at least 2 sport activities during the previous week,
    • the length of each activity had to be at least 30 minutes.

    Week after week, employees broke their personal bests and proved that they enjoy playing sports. They ran, walked, cycled, or did different types of exercise.

    The result?

    They were able to do 1,150 different sports activities in 4 weeks. They dedicated more than 1 610 hours to them, which is a whopping 67 full days. An amazing performance!

    The Challenge cup for the hardest-working sportsperson

    As part of the challenge, the S&B's hardest-working sportman, i.e. the employee who devoted the most of their free time to sport during May, was also evaluated. The winner was Lukáš Slováček from the Fare Collection Systems division, who did 43 activities lasting 81 hours 51 minutes. He was awarded with a challenge cup and you have to admit that he really deserved it.