Managing Directors in action

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Corporate

    Difficult times require unconventional solutions. Therefore, the Managing Directors of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko took part in the fight against coronavirus. They swapped their offices for a "first line" to protect employees.

    During the coronavirus pandemic Slovak Managing Directors Dr. Peter Lazar and Ing. Ján Krúpa works as managers, but they regularly disinfect all Slovak branches (except of the Bratislava one) after working hours and on weekends. "It was the idea of Dr. Peter Lazar to disinfect the premises ourselves. At first, we ordered a specialized company to do that. We saw how they work and which equipment they use. We have found out that it is not a rocket science. In my opinion, spraying plum tree in the garden with a hand sprayer is more complicated, “laughs J. Krúpa.

    They bought the necessary "equipment" – protective clothing, masks and so-called foggers – equipment that make an electrostatically ionized mist from disinfection. After the mist set on various surfaces, it turns into a coat that destroys viruses and bacteria, even a few days after application. They disinfect all corridors, doors, offices, test rooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms, kitchens and toilets.

    Branch Duration of disinfection
    Production Bytča 3 hours
    Priemyselná Žilina 45 minutes
    Parking Solutions (Bernolákova) Žilina 20 minutes
    Fare Collection Systems (Living centre) Žilina 45 minutes


    Both gentlemen agree that they really like their new "moonlighting". "It's technically interesting and challenging at the same time," says J. Krúpa, and P. Lazar adds: "We have perfect equipment, I have a charming helper – my wife – and a very good feeling after every disinfection that we protect the health of our employees." When the employees accidentally catch them in action, they greet them with a smile, show a thumbs up and in addition, they feel safe in a workplace. The other positive benefit is that the Managing Directors save company funds.