IT Women from Scheidt & Bachmann: We Celebrate by Inspiring Other Women & Young Girls

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Corporate

    All the ladies who have become a part of the IT world celebrate their Day on the 4th Thursday in the 4th month. These ladies also work at Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko and we are glad that their number grows every year. Although we can't hold a celebration for them because of the pandemic measures, we decided to celebrate virtually and in an inspiring way at the same time – even longer than usual.

    From 1st April (and it's not a joke) until 22nd April 2021 (International IT Women's Day), we will introduce our IT women and their viewpoints on IT on our Facebook fan page!


    We want to show you, that our IT ladies:

    • Work in various job positions including managerial ones
    • Are an important part of our teams
    • And are the best example that our company has opened the door also for smart female students, wise graduates, multifunctional mothers and mature women who want to learn and grow.

    At the same time, we want to inspire teenage girls who are deciding what to study, in order to consider the information technologies because:

    • IT is not a bogey!
    • IT is for girls, too!
    • IT is the future – ours/yours and yours with us!

    If you still have time, read an interview with our four women proving that being a woman working in the IT world is no longer a rarity. They will tell you how they got to IT, what funny situations they have experienced and whether they have ever fought against prejudice.