IT ladies celebrated their feast

    - Human-Resources

    The fourth Thursday of the fourth month belongs to all women whose work profile is connected with the IT world.

    International IT Women's Day was celebrated also by our colleagues in Slovakia. There are 45 of them and this number rises every year. They work in various positions as testers, developers, project managers and one of them make it to the Managing Director of the Slovak branch of Fare Collection Systems – her name is Marína Schiffer. She invited all Slovak IT women to a joint lunch.

    “Until now, we – the IT women from Scheidt & Bachmann – have had no chance to meet and get to know each other better. At the same time, it was a great opportunity to learn from our ladies what we as a company should do to attract more women to our software departments,” says Marína Schiffer.

    Marína attended the festive lunches with IT women both in Bratislava and Žilina. The invited ladies praised delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and stimulating discussion. “It was a nice meeting because we don't have many chances to meet female colleagues from other departments. We debated with Marína and we felt genuine interest about us and our work, no matter which department we work on. We got to know each other better and I think this lunch has also strengthened our relationships,” says Petra Koššibová a software tester at the Signalling Systems department.

    The only minus of the meeting was the lack of time. When so many women meet around one table, the minutes fly like seconds. At the end, Marína thanked all participants and wished that the meeting of the IT women from Scheidt & Bachmann would not be the last.

    “I thank all our IT ladies for bringing an important female element to our software departments. In teams, they play the role of 'glue', a motivator; they bring the necessary spark, good mood and maternal care. They deserve the respect of all of us! ”, concludes Marína Schiffer.