How & why do we practice in the workplace?

    - Human-Resources

    Employees of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko can practice right at work. Since April 2019 they have trained together with an experienced yoga instructor.

    The canteen of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko on Priemyselná Street turns into a yoga studio every Wednesday. Thirteen female employees (from time to time also a male representative) get to know basic and advanced yoga exercises, learn how to breathe properly and after an intensive exercise they enjoy the well-deserved relaxation. 

    Yoga has been particularly popular among production workers, because it helps them with back pain. Colleagues from the administration and software departments appreciate the fact that yoga in the workplace saves their time. They don't have to move around the city to take exercise courses, so they have more time for their families. “I take yoga as a relax. After having spent all day sitting at a computer, I can start the whole body and take a break from everything at the same time. It is great for the psyche and recharging my energy for the next days”, says Dominika Fábiková from the HR department. Yoga in the workplace has been included in a number of corporate benefits that Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko provides to its employees.

    The employees really appreciate the yoga at work – it helps them and saves their time.