How we celebrated our 150th anniversary

    Created by Katarina Labudova | - Corporate

    Scheidt & Bachmann celebrates its 150th birthday in 2022. A spectacular celebration was held at all its branches around the world on the same day and at the same time. Read how our Slovak employees enjoyed an unforgettable party.

    The great celebration took place on May 6 in the multifunctional festival hall Event House in Žilina. The industrial style premises gave the right touch to our event. We arrived at half past four (GMT+2), snacks were offered and we could finally have personal conversations, which we missed a lot during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Slovakian folk music played on stage, followed by the skilled dancers of the Vivas Dance Group, thanks to whose performance we briefly felt like we were at Carnival in Rio.

    After the opening speech by Mr. Ján Krúpa, Managing Director of the Slovak subsidiary, more than 530 impatient faces turned towards the large screen. At 18.00 (GMT+2) we connected with our colleagues from around the world and greeted them quite loudly via teleconnection. We also supported our colleagues from Ukraine with a standing ovation. Seven of them, who managed to flee their homes, sat among us.

    It was very fascinating to listen to Dr Miller, who took us through the entire company history to the visions for the future with his energetic speech. After the end of the broadcast, we all sang the congratulatory song ‘Živio’ (roughly ‘Long may he live’) together – in order to also congratulate Scheidt & Bachmann to its anniversary. Afterwards, a rich evening buffet awaited us in the side foyers, where everyone found the right tasty dish.

    In the meantime, the well-known Slovak Milujem Slovensko Band (‘I love Slovakia Band‘) set up their musical instruments on the stage. They used them to lure everyone onto the dance floor as the greatest Slovak hits were played. People danced and sang along together, even the band was really surprised. They said they had never played in front of such a fantastic audience. Shortly before midnight Pollux, which played various international and Slovak dance songs for us, through oldies from the 80s to the current hits. It was an incredible party that we will remember for many years to come! We enjoyed every single minute!

    And for Scheidt & Bachmann we have the following message:
    “It is a great honour for us to be a part of such a great family of companies that has been proving to the whole world for 150 years that if we stick together and are not afraid of new ideas, if we are willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work, together we can overcome all obstacles and fulfil our dreams, no matter how bold they are! Živio Scheidt & Bachmann!”