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    In our company everyone – who can – do some type of sport. The number of active sportsmen already outnumbered the passive ones. Employees of different ages, from different departments, working positions, men and women do sports. Read here where our employees competed during the last months of 2018. 

    Warm-up before the race

    Žilina Half-Marathon

    On Saturday, 15th September, 2018, 26 runners from our company got ready at the Žilina Half-Marathon start. Even though it was the fourth year of the run, it was a premiere for our runners at wearing company t-shirts and some of them even compete for the very first time. „For me personally, it was a great experience. I like running and want to continue doing it,“ said Lukáš Ondro from the Fuel Retail Solutions, who was one of the running newbies in the Scheidt & Bachmann run team.

    Roman Murárik from the Signalling Systems is a skilled runner and he ran the longest track of the half-marathon. What was his biggest experience at the marathon? “That I actually crossed the finish line. This was the second hardest run of my life.“ Even Pavol Hudák from the Parking and Access Systems had mixed emotions about the run through Žilina´s alleys. “The start of the race was pretty tense. There were too many racers in a very little space. Even running on the cobblestones was pretty hard.

    Everyone was very happy about a great atmosphere, organization and fans who were cheering up along the whole track. Some of the runners even brought their own supporters. “My wife and my 2 years old son, who ran a bit of the track as well, waited for me at the finish line,“ said Juraj Pacík from the Fare Collection Systems. His colleague Miloš Ťažký brought the whole triathlon club “Chlpaté Gazely“ (Hairy Gazelles) to root for him.

    Our runners pose together in front of the camera at the finish line and they agreed to repeat the race next year. They want to convince more colleagues to try the town half-marathon next year. The shortest track is only 5 km long after all and it is suitable even for less capable sportsmen.

    Žilina´s Mud Race

    On the last September Saturday, 2018, our colleagues from Fare Collection Systems hit the bottom of their sports skills. They tried a very unconventional race – Žilina´s Mud Race. The track which was 8 km long awaited them with 15 different obstacles. They had to tackle with drifts of mud, a bleak weather and places where they had to overcome their personal limits.

    21 of our racers stood up at the start. They were divided into two teams, and they compete not only for themselves alone but especially as a team. So they followed the words written on the back of the company’s t-shirts “Living team spirit“. They overcame all of the obstacles together.

    If there was someone who could not continue, they hyped each other up, they pulled and fought together. At that moment, it did not matter who the superior and who the subordinate is. They were all one team with one goal – reach the finish healthy, even though absolutely muddy, and enjoy the race to the fullest. In the end, they all succeeded and reached the finish line with smiles on their faces.

    Challenge Cup

    In addition to the running, our employees are also good at volleyball. They took part in the Challenge Cup, volleyball tournament among companies based in Žilina. Every company`s team has to contain amateur players only, there has to be at least one representative of the female gender and only 2 players who don’t work for the company are allowed (married couple, siblings or ex-employees). Our team has always the most of female representatives and we need an external support only if necessary. 

    Our volleyball team enjoyed the last summer rays at an open air tournament. For the first time in the history of the tournament, they played at the beach volleyball court in the Žilina outdoor swimming place. Five of our representatives formed 2 two-person groups. Rado Čurný from the Fare Collection Systems had a role of the substitute for both of the teams. All of our employees enjoyed the tournament and in the end, they got bronzed, although it was the last sunbath. They finished in 5th place and left with a lot of funny stories.

    On 24th November, 2018, the volleyball team met up once again. This time, it was at a gym on the Hollý street in Žilina. Our 8 brave representatives, with 3 females, fought like tigers, made stunning dives, smashed but – above all – they had fun. They took 5th place as well. Our colleague Janka Srpoňová from the Parking and Access Systems obtained a prize for „The best dive“. Thank you, dear colleagues, for the amazing representation of our company and we believe that you will move at least one place up at this year’s tournament.

    Horizontal Bar Challenge

    Since August 2018, our colleagues from Fare Collection Systems have been testing their stamina using the horizontal bar. Juraj Pacík came up with a competition “The Horizontal Bar Challenge“ to motivate his colleagues. Everyone who works out using the horizontal bar can write down their results in pull-ups and hangs in the public table. Every two months, they announce a winner in the male and then female category. The competition enjoys the viewers‘ favour. It brings majority of the colleagues out of their offices to wildly cheer the competitors up. As a result, the hang times get longer and the number of pull-ups gets bigger.