From production hall to IT centre

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    Take a look at the amazing transformation of the premises at our Slovak headquarters. We turned the original production hall into a modern office and social space in an industrial style.

    Although, there are hardly any changes outside, a significant functional and design change to the interior of the original production hall has made it possible to create a superior working space. It can compete with the headquarters of large multinational IT companies. More than 300 colleagues currently work in the IT centre.

    What you will find in the centre

    The offices with large windows are located around the perimeter of the centre. Because of that the employees have plenty of natural daylight for work. Opposite the offices, there are modern meeting rooms (also equipped with retractable walls to increase capacity), kitchenettes, sanitary facilities and kiosks for uninterrupted staff calls.


    The atrium, as the largest space of the centre with various possibilities of use, is the real heart of the whole building. Equipped with a stage, a grandstand, comfortable chairs, a kitchenette, and work desks, it is the ideal venue for team and corporate events.

    Test centre

    Around the atrium there will be a large test centre with an area of up to 1,000 m2 and a showroom where colleagues from the Fare Collection Systems division will perform acceptance tests of their systems and applications in front of customers.


    The plateau, an elevated floor adjacent to the test rooms, is reserved for sports and relaxation, is also gradually filling up. Employees have space for group and individual exercise or to use ping-pong and pool tables and a foosball table or play billiards. The main attraction, however, is the climbing wall.

    SuB Ka.

    On the ground floor of the centre you will also find a new canteen, which until now has been missing in Scheidt & Bachmann. It was named SuB Ka. The name was the result of a vote by employees, who first created 77 original ideas themselves and then voted for the winning one.

    We have a lot to brag about!

    We have provided a truly exceptional transformation and created an environment we can all be proud of. Do you agree?