BUES 2000 in Slovakia

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Signalling-Systems

    In addition to software development, the Signalling Systems Slovakian division of also actively sells our railway crossing systems. Four new projects was realised in 2022.

    The first railway crossing in Slovakia was built in 2009 in the village of Belá nad Cirochou, located in eastern Slovakia. At that time, the management entrusted the entire project to Marek Gajdula, a software developer from the Signalling Systems business unit, who became the business and project manager. “Our first railway crossing was widely reported in many media in Slovakia, and thanks to it, the door to other railway projects opened for us,” explains Marek, who is still involved in selling and implementing railway crossing systems.

    In Slovakia, the main customer of the Signalling Systems business unit is Železnice Slovenskej republiky. The Slovakian branch focuses on reconstruction projects for individual railway crossings.

    By 2021, 14 railway crossings have already been built and put into operation. During 2022 three new railway crossings were built – in Bartošovce near Veľké Kapušany, in Bzovík near Krupina, in Rožkovany near Prešov and the new railwails crossing is just building near Tvrdošín. 

    Marek Gajdula is continuing to work intensively on further tenders that will enable us to expand the number of railway crossings equipped with our proven, first-class BUES 2000 technology.