Books Help To Heal

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Human-Resources

    March is a month of books in Slovakia. However, March 2021 was also the month when the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic culminated and a record number of patients with this disease (4,000) were hospitalized in Slovak hospitals. That was a reason why we, the employees of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko, had decided to help though untraditionally, but with greater determination.

    At the beginning of March, we announced a collection of books in our company for the hospital in Žilina. Our goal was to make patients' stay more pleasant with quality literature, which had already been read by us. During a few days, a nice stack of books was collected. Since the Žilina hospital had been full of covid patients, we sent our Managing Director Dr. Peter Lazar to bring our gift there on March 11 – sooner than the collection was ended.

    The hospital's reaction pleasantly surprised us: "We thank for a significant visit and a rare gift in the form of various publications. The books often help our patients recover, because they can heal the soul. Almost all of our wards have smaller or larger libraries, so we are glad that we can add several new ´treasures´ to them," said Ing. Igor Stalmašek, MBA, CEO of the Žilina Hospital.

    Our collection became a hit on social networks and also inspired other people to donate books to the hospital. We continued with the collection till the end of March and the final number of donated books was 424.

    For us, the employees of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko, the greatest gift is to be part of such a great team of people who are willing to help in times of good and bad.

    From left side: Ing. Igor Stalmašek, CEO of Žilina Hospital and Dr. Peter Lazar, Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko