Barrier Record Holder

    - Corporate

    How many parking barriers can be assembled by one person during 15 years? Ľubomír Gašpierik, who was one of the first employees of Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko, assembled more than 15,000 of them!

    When he retired on 9 December 2020, despite strict hygiene measures, the production management decided that this exceptional man deserved to be personally thanked for his admirable work. "Ľubomír is one of our most reliable and the most competent employees," says Dr. Peter Lazar, Head of Production and words of praise are also addressed to him by his last superior, Ing. Michal Strelička, Master of Repair shop: "Ľubo Gašpierik, nicknamed as ´Tiger´, is a typical example of an ´old school´ worker. He won us with his 100 % approach to work. He organized the work on his own and always completed it on time. He reported us when the work overtime was necessary, and although he has been working for S&B for 15 years, he has been working another 3 years in overtime!

    Ľubomír was also a role model for young employees and apprentices: "We let them work with him, because they could learn as much as possible from him, but they also matured," explains Michal, who emphasizes his other traits: "He always behaved like a gentleman, at corporate events he was twinkletoes and was very popular in the team. We already miss him at work. I'm looking forward to getting a drink with him on his terrace after the anti-pandemic measure times."

    On behalf of the management and colleagues from Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko, we wish Ľubomír good health and pleasant moments in a well-deserved retirement.