Appreciation of our dual education

    Created by Katarína Labudová | - Corporate

    Scheidt & Bachmann has a long tradition in dual education. In Germany, its graduates are regularly among the best prepared pupils for their future careers. The dual education is gradually becoming established in Slovakia and is beginning to collect its first awards.

    Currently, in our Slovak branch, we offer the opportunity of dual education to pupils in the fields of Mechanic-Electrical Technician and Mechanic-Mechatronics Technician, who study at 3 secondary vocational schools:

    • SOŠ strojnícka in Kysucké Nové Mesto,
    • SOŠ Elektrotechnická in Žilina,
    • SOŠ strojnícka in Považská Bystrica.

    Pupils in our production plant in Bytča can do their professional practice, and also pass their final exams. The professional guarantor and lecturer of the dualists  and professional practice is Ing. Martin Ballay, Head of Pre-Manufacturing and Repair Shop Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko. Martin prepares for high school pupils a programme of their practice, which includes acquiring the necessary professional skills and knowledge from all our production departments.

    Last year, he also launched the "Dual Start-up Leadership SDV" project as part of dual training. Its aim is to familiarise pupils with the work of a production team leader and to develop their leadership skills in an age-appropriate way. Pupils learn the basics of working in a group and at the same time learn tools to manage discussions through games and practical exercises. Thanks to this project, the pupils in our production in Bytča acquire not only the necessary hard skills (professional practice) but also soft skills (leadership) during their dual education that they will certainly use in their professional careers.

    Martin's project was also appreciated by AHK Slowakei – Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The project won a great 2nd place in the Vocational Education Competition 2023! Congratulations!

    You can also regularly meet Martin at various events in the Žilina region related to dual education. He presents not only our way of dual education but also the company Scheidt & Bachmann and the focus of production in Bytča to the pupils, their parents and the public.