Railway Signalling – Innovation for a mobile world

Global mobility is today one of the important economy factors. To full fill these demands, infrastructure operators need competent partners. Scheidt & Bachmann one of the most successful manufacturers has more than 130 years experience in regards of signalling technology. Based on network capable and computer controlled systems we provide complete track concept systems.The

are flexible and cost optimised platforms of signalling technology. ZSB 2000 and BUES 2000 systems are realised on a standard hardware basis. Both signalling systems are networked to a centralised control and supervision concept. The individual field elements

communicate via modern CAN-Bus interface and can control and supervise between ZSB 2000 and BUES 2000, too.

In the frame of planning and realisation of railway signalling projects Scheidt & Bachmann will stand with its competent and qualified staff at your disposal as well.

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