Sustainable handling for responsibility for the next generations

Scheidt & Bachmann is a fifth generation family company. We therefore know how important it is to manage responsibly. The sustainability of our products and the sustainable work of our employees are a key priority for us:

  • Preparation of disused modules
    We can prepare our customers' disused modules in our own repair centreso that they can be used again.

  • Durable devices
    Scheidt & Bachmann devices have a very long service life. Our machines and
    petrol pumps have a service life expectancy of more than 10 years and a large percentage is recyclable.

  • Reducing scrap
    We always pay attention to the generation of scrap during production
    when developing our devices, and we keep this as low as possible in
    subsequent operation.

  • Life cycle management
    Life cycle management is the systematic replacement of old components
    in our devices before an error occurs. This prevents consequential errors
    which minimises the financial and material strain involved with servicing
    the devices over the period of a project.

  • Value creation depth
    The high proportion of our own production allows us to handle resources responsibly and independently.

  • Supply capacity
    Due to the high proportion of value creation depth, Scheidt & Bachmann
    has a particularly high supply capacity. We are therefore capable of production planning that reduces the risk of  partial deliveries.


Sustainability in many respects

Not only are our products developed and produced from the point of view of sustainability, you yourself also make a contribution to increasing sustainability in your direct environment. Our parking guidance systems reduce the number of cars looking for a space and therefore significantly reduce fuel consumption, while our fare management systems make sure that people can conveniently and easily use public transport. Our signal technology systems and the signal box technology are basic prerequisites for energy efficient rail transport.

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